DJ Jesus at Burning Man

I didn’t get to see the two-hour Burning Man special on Current TV, Saturday night, but that’s okay: a Burner sent me a link to an AdultSwim TV/online cartoon about Burning Man – Lucy, Daughter of The Devil – instead. Remember that I wrote how important it is to have a sense of humor about Burning Man? (You don’t? Then read it again, here.) Fortunately, that’s what Adult Swim is for. Synopsis:

“The Prophesy tells us that if DJ Jesus doesn’t perform at Burning Man an unholy sand storm will destroy the American west. The wind is rising and everyone’s waiting for him, but DJ Jesus gets lost in the desert where Satan is waiting to tempt him with a food court, an electronics superstore and finally a magical place called Temptasia.”

Satan tries to waylay Jesus from getting to Burning Man with a trip to Temptasia.

And here’s some sample dialogue, from when the dust storm hits and Jesus and Satan are stuck in the Nevada desert, still miles from Burning Man:

Jesus: “Get behind me, Satan.
Satan: “What? What did you say?”
Jesus: “I said, get behind me. I’ll shield you from the sand. I’ve got glasses on. We can try to make it inside.”
Satan: “Oh, great. But don’t say ‘get behind me,’ I got a thing about that.”
Jesus: “OK But seriously dude, if you like these chicks, you’ve got to check out Burning Man, it’s like Sodom and Gomorrah.”
Satan? really
Jesus: It’s all glitter and bodypaint. No-one wears clothes

Further jokes in bad taste concern edible mushrooms, molten candles, DJ Judas and the harsh truth that at Burning Man, “everyone’s a DJ.” Adult Swim warns that it’s not suitable for children under 17, but that might be a little harsh. After all, it’s like not there’s any nudity involved. In the cartoon, I mean. Check out the full 10-minute cartoon here.

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