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There’s no way iJamming! is popular enough to have caused this, but in the 24 hours since I linked to the Sex Pistols performance on the Jay Leno show this last October 30, it’s been taken down from YouTube: NBC/Universal, the broadcasters, excercised their ‘copyright claim.’ From what I can see by searching at YouTube, there’s plenty footage of the Sex Pistols from 1976-77 and almost nothing from any of their reunions. What do they call that? Kismet? Fortunately, the same clip is still up on myspace – at least for the time being. Thanks to Pubber Si N for the link: you can find it here:
Ron Paul & The Sex Pistols on Jay Leno

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Just as an aside for those younger readers (assuming I have any) who take YouTube and the Internet for granted… I did not see the Sex Pistols swear at Bill Grundy in 1976; I lived in a BBC household. It was at least a decade until I saw the footage, even though it was one of the most famous TV “episodes” in the history of British broadcasting, its every word having long passed into legend, and had impacted onto and into my life in all manner of ways. Now it just sits out there on YouTube, for the whole world to see. It follows below – complete with a teenage Siouxsie Sioux getting hit on by Bill Grundy, and all with French subtitles. (The British transmission has never been publicly released as far as I know.) And it’s still more relevant than watching Rotten shake his arse at Ron Paul in 2007…

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