Drink Ecstasy!

The alcoholic energy drink craze shows no signs of dying down, and though I normally complete ignore corporate e-mails, I couldn’t help but open and follow through on this one, especially when the promotional BS began as follows:

Ecstasy is super-premium spirit enhanced with ginseng, taurine, guarana and a boost of caffeine to ensure you can withstand the summer heat.

Let’s leave aside the fact that as I type this, my electric thermometer refuses to recognize the outdoor temperature because it is BELOW ZERO FARENHEIT (Note to Brits: that is minus 18C, we’ll tell you when it’s cold outside thanks very much) and that I have no need to “withstand the summer heat.” Let’s have some fun instead debating the dictionary definition of “ecstasy.” It’s meant many things to many people, and some would indeed claim to have experienced it in liquid form, just as others would claim to have experienced it at the top of a mountain, or in a church, or at a Jam concert when they were 14, or on a dancefloor, or perhaps even making love, but it was news to me that Ecstasy could now be defined as an alcoholic drink. What next? Heroin alco-pops? Red Bull Speed? Lemonade Sugar Delight? Cocaine coca-cola? OK, scratch the last one, that’s what that drink was originally named for. But if you want to have a laugh, visit the corporate web site and study the ingredients. “Free thought” is apparently one of them.

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