Enemies Like This

Radio 4 releases its new single and album, both called Enemies Like This, in almost every country today except the UK. (UK release is June 12th for the single, June 19th for the album). You can listen to three new songs from the album at the group’s myspace page. You can also hear two new songs at the group’s own web site, (Just click on the Listen button.)

Enemies Like This, the new album by Radio 4. Out today. Except the UK.

The group previewed the release with a semi-secret show at The Annex last Thursday night on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. As I write this, the band is on a plane to Europe, for a whirlwind eight-country, three week tour that includes festivals in Germany, Spain and Greece (the latter with New Order), and club shows in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Scotland and England. For British iJamming! readers, the relevant shows are Glasgow ABC2 on May 29, Manchester Academy 3 on May 30 and London Cargo on May 31. I will definitely be over for the London show and possibly the Manchester one. Hopefully there will be time to hook up with iJamming! readers again.

Enemies Like This, the new single by Radio 4. Out today. Except the UK.

Radio 4 then returns to America and gets stuck straight into a home country tour that starts in Dallas on June 9 and ends in New York at the Bowery Ballroom on July 6. Almost all dates feature fellow Astralwerks Records act Small Sins as support.

You can see the full tour schedule at both the group’s own web site and its myspace page.

If you want to know the background to the band or the new album, please read the bio, here.

And if you’re a clubber, you may be interested to know that we have two drastically different remixes of the song ‘Enemies Like This’ on their way, one from Hot Chip and one from IDC. Both remixers are from South London (la-la-la). One of them is even a regular at the iJamming! Pub. He’s welcome to stand up and wave his hands in the air for doing such a stellar job.

Radio 4, photographed at the The East Side Company Bar on Essex St in the Lower East Side. Photo by Piper Ferguson


I’m trying to keep the business of managing Radio 4 separate from the pleasure of running my site. And for the most part, I’m succeeding. But I do feel the need to apologize for how the intense workload both of group management and the book that I’m researching (and which is meant to be completed this year, ha ha ha), have seriously cut into my iJamming! time. I’m all too aware that the quality of my posts has suffered of late; there just isn’t time to think up, research, write and edit the same quantity (let alone quality) of writing that I think we all got ourselves used to. Even a few months ago, I was able to spend the first hour of my day writing before kicking in my “proper” work, but that’s gotten harder and harder these last few weeks as I’ve been spending more and more time back in the City building up to the Radio 4 release and conducting interviews for my book on New York City music. I’ve seen traffic drop off as a result, both at the front page and in the Pub, and I’m not surprised: I don’t blame people for moving on to other sites that can post more consistently and with greater quality.

But I’m sure you also all understand. Two or three years ago, I was having an absolute blast spending most of my working hours on the web site; it brought me out of a mid-life funk and served to renew my creative energy. At the same time, it wasn’t bringing in any income, and once baby Noel came along and Posie stopped ‘working’ (mothers understand the need to put that word in quotes), any possible good karma that comes with sharing one’s opinions with the whole wide world became seriously offset by the fiscal need to feed a family of four.

With the Radio 4 album now in the shops and the group on tour, I am hoping to find, at a minimum, an hour or two a day to write posts of proper quality again. If nothing else, I’m enjoying the prospect of spending this particular work week in my Catskills office rather than traveling back and forth to NYC every other day. (Even though that means giving up The Charlatans at Webster Hall tonight.) It’s been a truly joyous process running this site these last few years, making new friends and renewing old friendships, and I don’t plan to put it aside.

If we’re all still devoted to this site and its eclectic mix of all different musics, of family and football, of politics and culture, city and country, skiing and running, Britain and America, let’s see if we can’t prove it by making The iJamming! Pub a real melting pot of anecdotes, observations and recommendations. See you in there. Mine’s still a Côtes du Rhône.

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