Fall On Me

This past weekend was surely the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in the Catskills. Three solid days of unending sunshine served to illuminate fall foliage that, thanks both to the absence of the tree caterpillars and, presumably, the right preceding seasonal conditions, showed nature at its most spectacular. There are people take thousand-mile round road trips, to Maine and Vermont, just to see “the colors,” and all we had to do was stay at home and look out of our windows.


Truly, I felt blessed to be surrounded by it. I didn’t even mind working/writing through a holiday weekend. But on Saturday lunchtime, I awarded myself a break and set off with my digital camera, determined to take more than mere “snapshots.” During the hour-long process of taking over 100 pictures (don’t we love the reusable hard drive?), as I wandered on and off the driveway, in and out of the woods, honing in on individual leaves and wide palettes alike, I felt myself elevating onto a true spiritual high.


There were quite a few things working in my favor. I’ve been staying healthy of late, eating well, running even better. And sunshine, for sure, always helps: there’s nothing like a blue sky in October to make one feel good. Plus, I’ve been feeling steadily happier as I near the end of this never-ending book. The state of the global economy should be putting fear of God into me – nobody panics more about their mortgage than the self-employed, and our local economy here is predicated on the ever-fragile tourist dollar – but those fears have been compensated for by the increasing, if constantly cautious, confidence that Barack Obama will be elected President in three weeks. (And though I don’t believe he’s anybody’s Savior, I think you’ll see a pronounced rebound in the global economy once other nations see a firm hand on the American tiller.) And I guess having a beautiful family doesn’t harm either.


But the biggest contribution to my Saturday lunchtime high was certainly Nature herself, and her psychedelic display of colors this picture-perfect autumn. I’m not a good enough photographer to do her justice. So I’ll consider these few images a mere souvenir I can study in years to come, a reminder of those days when you feel good to be alive.






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  1. jaffo

    14 October, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Nice pics Fletch, looks beautiful around there.

  2. Dee

    15 October, 2008 at 12:16 am

    Hey Tone, what gorgeous colours.. am sure you’ve captured it well. Wish we could do odour-cam too! Perhaps your next site makeover. One thing I really miss about England is that we don’t really get those transformational changes in leaf colour in Sydney. Depending on the variety, leaves either just stay on the trees, or drop off! Most of the riotously colourful trees (eg jacaranda, coral flame) are now considered imported pests, and are ripped out by councils and landcare groups whenever poss. Whenever I get to blighty in autumn one of my fave things is to go walking in the ‘woods’, kicking the leaves, and watching the family dog skate all over the place through the piles. I love that damp woody smell. By contrast, springtime here now in Sydney is beautiful, and the clocks just changed so we have lighter evenings. My morning walks are punctuated by wafts of some truly heady smells – jasmine, frangipani, lemons, limes – and that’s just in an inner-city suburb. (And, ok, a bonus that they mask the pong of the local pub being cleaned!). Outside Syd you may remember that the colours are overwhelmingly grey/green, perhaps the odd touch of red from the bottlebrush, as typical of the native vegetation. Anyhow, thanks for sharing the pix and your thoughts. I’ve just come home after a challenging bikram yoga class and am now feeling pretty blissed out – as you may be able to tell! D

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