Featured Album: Boo Hoo Hoo Boo by They Shoot Horses Don’t They

They Shoot Horses Don’t They: Boo Hoo Hoo Boo
(Kill Rock Stars)

WHO: The latest installment in Canadian Collective mania (cf: Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene): this self-confessed “noisy old root-ma-toot band from Vancouver, British Columbia” features members of Au Secour, Collapsing Opposites and the brilliantly-named Baron Samedi Ecstatic Soul Quintet. Among others.
WHAT: Imagine an equally drunk Damon Albarn and Nick Cave alternating lead vocals for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, backed throughout by a brass band the size of the Salvation Army, and you have just an inkling of They Shoot Horses Don’t They’s contagiously crazy sound.
WORDS: “I’m gonna start by getting drunk, I’m gonna form a new religion” (‘The Bugs’)

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WHY: “It’s not that often you come across a band that puts a shit-eating grin on your face so wide that you’re able to swallow all the bullshit and lies and deceptions of the 21st century…”
WINNERS: Songs like ‘Seeds,’ ‘Sunlight’ and ‘The Bugs’ will find you gradually separating the melody from the chaos behind it; the Cracker-like hoe-down ‘The Three’ will have you jigging round your virtual camp fire.
WEB: Download opening track ‘Emptyhead’ from the group’s zen-like site here.
WINE? You can best imagine this collective passing round the bootlegged moonshine. But I can also see them swilling from a decent bottle of Argentinian Malbec. You can read about several such wines here, and one more here.

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