Talking of The Nation’s Favourite (that’s with an ‘ou’ for once), the same day I stick Radio 1 on my computer desktop, it’s announced that the BBC’s flagship station will be coming to the ever-growing satellite empire Sirius radio this summer. I’m not complaining: Sirius is a subscription service, while my loveable little Dashboard transmitter is free. According to top blogger torr, who I assume copied the following from a press release,

"the programming will be broadcast on a time-shift basis, meaning that listeners on the U.S. East Coast, for example, will hear Chris Moyles‘ popular morning show in the morning."

One of the beauties of Net radio is that it allows you to listen to live radio from another continent and another time zone; I really enjoy, for example, occasionally starting my weekend five hours early with Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on a Friday lunchtime. Likewise, I love occasionally tuning into KCRW to hear the LA traffic reports while I’m ensconced at my Brooklyn desk. And while I truly enjoy Radio 1’s archived shows – especially the ability to listen to The Blue Room on my own schedule – I fully expect to have to get up early to listen to live football. If I wanted to exist within GMT, I’d move home. Besides, what are they going to do with the weather forecasts?

One more thing from Torr’s copied press release. The following statement…

"Radio 1 is renowned for introducing Britons to up-and-coming rock, pop and hip-hop musicians." true. I guess. At least it is if you discount Radio 1’s first 20 or so absolutely abysmal years as a national monopoly, catering to an audience that the Controllers presumed to consist entirely of housewives and factory workers who wanted nothing but the blandest music imaginable.

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  1. 22 June, 2005 at 2:10 pm

    Assuming your Tiger Widget has it, BBC Radio 6 isn’t too bad, although not terribly diverse. I also like the time-shifting aspect – Craig Charles (of all people) does an old school funk show on a Friday night that I quite like to hear on a Friday afternoon over here.

    Still … the ability to get BBC radio in my car (if I had one) would be pretty appealing.

  2. Tony

    22 June, 2005 at 11:51 pm

    The Tiger BBC RAdio transmitter Widget is for Radios 1-5. There’s another separate Widget for Radio 6 but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. That may be something about how Radio 6 is a digital service whereas the others are terrestial… I think.



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