Food Fight!

I was going to post some post-Primary notes this morning, but what can I really say that hasn’t already been written up in every newspaper and blog in the land? Actually, what I can say is that, although I had an e-mail plea forwarded my way yesterday that urged all the author’s fellow Ohioans to vote for Obama, based on Hillary‘s inability to win against McCain, and though I even heard that my brother, who has been working in Baltimore, was telling my mother exactly the same thing – and the last time we agreed on something was, well, it was a long time ago – I was down in the City yesterday and had a lunch with a very well known political activist whose involvement dates back to a certain organization that rhymes with Hippie. Though he claimed not to like Hillary, and though he had been a John Edwards supporter, he had just sent out an e-mail to his 800 friends in Ohio and Texas, urging them to vote Clinton over Barack for exactly the “same” reason: i.e., he genuinely does not believe Barack Obama has a hope in a Presidential Election against McCain. Interesting, all the more so as he’s not someone whose views I discard lightly.

And so, in the world of Faustian bargains that make up our daily political lives, I can only assume that my long-serving activist friend is “celebrating” right now: in yesterday’s supposedly “do-or-die” Primaries, Clinton took Ohio and Texas, and lives to fight another day. (And yes, I was watching The Daily Show last night.) As well she ought to: for why shouldn‘t the voters in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, North Carolina and Wyoming also have their say in their Presidential Candidate? Isn’t that what Democracy is about? (Incidentally, my old friend favors a Clinton-Obama ticket, which he believes is invincible.)

So, okay, maybe that could stand as a post and I can get on with my book. But to show that political incorrectness lives on – and strong – I have to, instead, share this home-made YouTube video, which distills the last 75 years of American-centric warfare into five minutes of culinary stereotypes. How wonderful it must be to have that much spare time to make this clip. Crush those croissants – and burgers away! (Thanks to Madina for sharing.)

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