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Polygamy Porter: Why Have Just One!


Salt Lake City-based Wasatch Brewers Co-Operative beer label. Do Mormons have a sense of humor? I hope so.


“Remember, ice builds character.”

PJ O’Connor, reminding Campbell why Hunter Mountain still rules over the Wasatch range.

“Mr. Parnapy uses the phrase “a shot in the arm for the local economy” [to justify “a huge retail park on the perimeter of Beverley”] – but who is saying that Beverley’s retail economy is sick? In fact, the multi-nationals will tumble over themselves to come here, a well-identified honey-pot, and at the lowest possible cost to themselves will ferry our money out of Beverley and send it back to their head offices. That, Mr. Parnapy, is what their job is. The big outsiders do not come here to do us favours.”

Letter from Richard Wilson protesting my home-town Beverley’s emigration to Clone Town Britain, in the Beverley Guardian


Cutthroat Pale Ale: Everything else is just carp


Salt Lake City-based Uinta Brewing Company beer motto. The Cutthroat Trout is the state fish of Utah.

“I’ve hit the wall, I decided, a few days before the race and after another disappointing time trial. I decided in desperation that I would eliminate wine from my diet until after the race. Though it is known to be good for one’s circulation, I have come to believe that wine consumption lends a languid peacefulness to the body and spirit and correspondingly dilutes one’s will to fight. Though I have no hard proof of this hypothesis, one need only consult French military history for corroboration.”

Danny May recounting his training for indoor rowing race, the Adirondack Sprints, Berkshire Home & Style, March 2006.

“At big open air gigs like Hyde Park people want a knees-up. They want most of the hits, so how much room that’s going to leave for new stuff, I don’t know.”

Roger Daltrey previewing the set list for The Who’s open-air London show, Mojo May 2005 Wait, the Who have new stuff?


Squatters – Good For What Ales You!


Salt Lake City-based Squatters Pub Brewery motto. The company produces a wonderful Full Suspension Pale Ale that has a mountain biker on the label (Utah has strict drink-driving laws, but maybe not so strict drink-riding rules) and was, to my taste, infinitely preferable to the State’s best-selling ‘craft’ beer, the Cutthroat. It also has a wonderfully named Captain Bastard’s Oatmeal Stout. Whatever your distant impressions of Salt Lake City and Utah,the place looks like micro-brew heaven.
Also, visit Squatters home page and see if it doesn’t send you straight down the Pub.

“You know what… can we not talk about Hell’s Angels?”

Chrissie Hynde, Mojo, May 2006


“As I ran I thought about John Burroughs, whose traveling through these parts on foot helped fuel in him a love and respect for nature, and I wondered if our detachment from nature, from the everyday experience of being out in it, was a contributing factor to our disregard for the obvious illness being expressed by our planet. Whether it is called global warming or, as some have suggested lately, catastrophic climate change, scientists say we are rapidly and much sooner than expected approaching the point of no return for a healthy planet – well, for man-and-animal kind, anyway. The earth will shake us and our damage off and re-invent itself, much the way it has done several times before, and continue on without us.”

Jimmy Buff, Catskill Mountain Region Guide, April 2006.

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