Going Underground… and living to tell the tale

I was “in the City” yesterday, one reason you didn’t get a fresh post from me. But I’m back home safe. Which is a relief given that, as today’s NY Post put it (yes, we get Murdoch Media up in the Catskills) an

“al Qaeda militant arrested Wednesday night in a raid outside Baghdad … told officials that 19 operatives had been deployed to set off bombs on Big Apple subways.”

That’s some pretty quick confessing, don’t you think? What did this enemy-of-the-States say as he was led away by blindfold? “Thank Allah you found me, my fellow terrorists are about to bomb the New York City subway. Fortunately that won’t happen now that I’ve owned up to the plot so quickly. God save America.”

Alright, I’m being cynical, when a few days ago I noted that only my eternal optimism gets me through life. But really, 19 operatives? The same number as hit New York on 9/11? And the threat being announced the same day as President Bush says

“Americans must “keep our nerve” and win the war in Iraq to keep terrorists from creating a radical Islamic empire that would try to blackmail America into retreat.”

The same day that Mayor Bloomberg finds himself under attack from almost all sides for refusing to participate in a Mayoral Debate in Harlem? Doesn’t this all sound just a little too… convenient?

I found out about the increased terror alert not while running round town all day (arriving around the same moment as the Mayor was giving a press conference on the threat) but after getting back in the car at 11.30pm in Kingston and turning on the radio, upon which I heard the entire news media – from local Upstate stations to the BBC World Service – reporting on the increased security across the New York subways…. Which was really odd, because only two hours earlier, I’d ridden those very subways, including the shuttle from Grand Central Station to Times Square – and if there was one more cop or soldier on duty than there usually isn’t, I certainly didn’t see him. As for bag searches… you must be joking. I’m all for protecting our citizenry, but I’d like some proper protection – not another PR exercise.

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  1. 10 October, 2005 at 11:19 pm

    […] r 6, justifying the sudden state of increased alert across the New York subways last week. Not that I noticed it while riding them.. “What they’ve said is that they have been unable to verif […]


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