Here Comes the new Moon, same as the old Moon

Those of you in the States (or on etc.) may, from this week, start noticing a “new” edition of Moon: The Life and Death of a Rock Legend, published by It! Books, a division of Harper Collins. The paperback/eBook comes with a new cover (below), of which I definitely approve. But I need to stress that there is NO new content whatsoever to this edition; the publishers declined the opportunity to include the twenty pages of updates that the British publishers commissioned for their 2005 paperback (bottom), or to commission any new copy of their own.

I’m honored to have written a book that should be considered worthy of re-marketing fifteen years after publication. But if you want the most current content, that would continue to be the UK paperback/eBook edition of Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon, published by Omnibus Press.

Moon It!



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  1. Alan Roberts

    28 February, 2014 at 7:14 am

    Hi Tony,
    Just finished Dear Boy. A great read.
    You may recognise the name, I was the drummer with the Beachcombers before Keith Joined them. A couple of corrections. The Dover to Calais Rock across the Channel with Gene Vincent was in my time, as was the Saturday Club audition and the demonstration recording of Five Foot Two and Summertime. I recently had both recordings put on to CD and could email them to you if you are interested.
    As to not making the transition from wash board to a set of drums, I was with the Beachcombers for four years from its first performance (never a skiffle group) and had a solo spot often performed at Kodak.
    Never in Keith’s class of course but dealt with a little harshly in your book I feel.

    I only met Keith once when he knocked on my door and asked if I would donate my band suit to him (none of the others would have had the cheek). I said he could have it for the price I paid for it which he declined.

    Alan Roberts

  2. Chris Ciha

    1 March, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Hi Tony,
    I wanted to say that I enjoyed your Keith Moon bio, though it really did get depressing by about 75% through! At one point, I began thinking that the continual descriptions of hotel room destruction started to get old, but then I realized that that’s how it was probably feeling in real life for those around Keith. Not sure how intentional that was on your part, but well done. I also appreciated the thoughtful discussion after his death of the “what ifs” – so many bios end with death and legacy but don’t get more philosophical than that. As I thought about the night of Keith’s death, I think I lean more toward thinking it was suicide. I guess it’s one thing to read about someone taking “handfuls” of pills, but the sheer number inside him just blew me away. The way I thought about his uncharacteristically mellow behavior at the party could have been his taking an opportunity to not make a big scene and see if everyone else could still have a great time at a party without Keith Moon being the loon. Of course we’ll never know, but regardless, what a sad, sad end to a life.

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