If It Ain’t Broke Part 2…

NYC has voted in a Republican Mayor for the fourth election in a row. Though that news comes as no surprise this morning, it’s still worth asking, Who would have expected such a thing back in 1993, when the Dinkins-Giuliani race was so damn close and Republican New York Mayors were about as common a sight as dolphins in the East River?

It may be worth noting that Michael Bloomberg‘s 20-point margin of victory was barely half that which was predicted going into the Polls. (Did the media have a vested interest in promoting Bloomberg’s re-election?) It’s also worth noting that the total votes cast, around 1.1 million, represents merely a fraction of eligible voters in a city of 8 million residents.

Down in Brooklyn, the Democrat Borough President Marty Markowitz cruised home with 79% of the vote. I’d be interested to know what actual percentage of eligible voters that margin represents. Markowitz, like Bloomberg, has been a prominent champion of Bruce Ratner‘s Atlantic Yards project. Democrats who voted for one or both of these men regardless will have no reason to complain if the project turns out to their disliking.

Those who feel more fervently about Atlantic Yards are letting their feet do the talking this weekend with a Walk Don’t Destroy fund-raiser through the proposed site. Brooklyn home girl Rosie Perez will be at the helm. You can register to take part or sponsor someone else by visiting this page.

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  1. TheOnlyLivingBoyInStatenIsland

    9 November, 2005 at 2:44 pm

    Gotta say, I wasn’t impressed with Ferrer’s presentation at all. Also my prediction of all those forgetting that they promised to vote Bloomberg out because of his bar smoking ban pretty much came true too (proof that lethargy and selective memory aren’t an “LA thing”). However if it softens the blow any, I don’t think a true conservative could in this day and age be voted mayor of NYC, for all of Bloomberg’s RNC convention antics and all of Giuliani’s mean-spiritedness, both have views that jibe with moderate, leaning left NYC. In further proof though that Staten Island might as well be in Kansas, my borough peeps re-elected a Republican Borough President whose ethics and connections are so questionable that it rivals Tammany Hall. So when NASCAR comes here in a few years and the roads are still shite, and the ferry barely runs on time and the residential areas are beyond overdevelopment, the people will have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Kevin B.

    10 November, 2005 at 12:41 pm


    I agree…

    Bloomberg is not nor was he ever a Conservative Republican, and when he became a Republican he kept his core beliefs by not walking the RNC line. He like Rudy G., share Reagan-Democrat qualities — in essence, they are their own men.

    It really is not too surprising that Bloomberg won the first time around — New York is a strong union city — Bloomberg is a pro-union candidate — every building-construction site that carries the Bloomberg name has union men on the job — the construction (labor, skilled labor, electricians, plumbers) union held rallies, dinners, and campaign fund raising events for him…Bloomberg also shares a cultural ethnic background with a semi-large Jewish voting block — I bet he carried the important special interest group on both occasions…plus, he is a likeable guy — no bones about it…

    On the other side of the Hudson, Corzine landslided Forrester — despite the Dems image problem due to corruption scandals linked to the party here, there, and everywhere, Forrester was unable to even make it a race — Forrester even had the consistently left-leaning Bergen Record and Star Ledger endorsing him, and still could not muster any momentum.

    As for me, I was shocked the Republicans placed him on the ticket in the first place — after all, the man lost a Senator bid to a “late-in-the-game entry” Lautenberg — rules of politics 101, don’t back a fresh-name loser…I also believe Forrester’s image did him no favors — surely, I was not the only one who thought he looked like Bob Dole (loser) and his vocal projections were reminiscent of Richard Nixon (the devil himself)…lol…

    I believe the truly surprising voting results came in California — Arnold went 0-4 on his state-wide referendums — I thought he might go 1-4 or 2-4 but 0-4 seems, to me, that he better start packing…

    Be well and stay safe,
    – Kevin –

  3. 10 November, 2005 at 1:27 pm


    Agree with you on all counts – none of which contradict the points I made. As for Arnie calling a ‘special election’ and losing – he and Tony Blair now have something in common.


  4. Kevin B.

    11 November, 2005 at 11:35 am


    I know I have assumed the role of counter-point with you, as the token right of center friend (lol), but as I have said on numerous occasions we share more than you realize so don’t be surprised if I don’t always “contradict the points (you) made” (lol)…

    Yes…how about Blair pulling a Bush — what happened? Seems Mr. Blair went about selling his 90-day deal plan under the guise of “don’t worry I know what is best.”

    Don’t know about this loss…

    Seems to me the British Secret Service are over-stretched, and the 90-day deal was supposed to allow them the time to “catch-up.” I read that breaking the computer-network code utilized by the terrorists is a daunting task — taking too much time away from street intelligence, hence the wish for the 90-day holding…common sense tells me the loss puts the people in further jeopardy but the intellectual wandering sees it as a victory for civil liberties — a prisoner of a paradox, huh?!?

    Be well and enjoy the craic,
    – Kevin –


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