If It Ain’t Broke…

…You know the cliche. Unfortunately, I don’t live by it. I lost four hours yesterday after deciding to insert a Google image ad into the Pub pages: the Google script promptly corrupted the entire template, to the point I couldn’t even remove it. Proof of why I thought this was a good idea in the first place – the Pub’s increased popularity – came when, 5 minutes after creating the cock-up, Shona e-mailed me with the worried message “Where has the Pub gone?”

With our webmaster Kenny McColl off traveling the world – though he still found time to e-mail me back from Vietnam this morning! – I thought I was going to have to announce that we were ‘CLosed for Redecoration’ until I hit up one of my new upstate neighbors and dad friends who seemed no less suprised to be working at 9pm than your good self. He not only found a way to remove the offending script, but signed up to the Pub in the process. Nice one. I’m indebted.

So, your Pub remains ad-free, for now. But maybe not for long. This site remains essentially a labor of love. I haven’t hit people up for contributions this year the way I did in the past, but anyone who feels like supporting iJamming! the way they do their local NPR station is welcome to click on the paypal/amazon honors buttons at right. And if you do find image ads showing up at the site in coming weeks, I trust you’ll be understanding.

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