iJamming! 2007: No Comment(s)

It’s with real regret that I announce the retirement of the iJamming! Comments option. Up until now, iJamming v2.0 has allowed and actively encouraged readers to submit a comment on any of my posts; unfortunately, since rolling out the “new-look iJamming!”, this Comments option has been plagued by professional spammers. We started out using a Plug-In that tested for Human Verification but it didn’t work with Internet Explorer, so I then just decided to put all comments into a queue through which I would scroll once a day to weed out the spam. At least that was the intention. But by the end of this year I was receiving at least 200 spam comments for every genuine comment, and apart from the sheer hassle of the time and energy spent scrolling through all this junk, I know from subsequent complaints that I’ve regularly missed “real” comments hidden amidst all the “fake” ones. The number of comments currently awaiting moderation is at 5000 and counting from the last two weeks alone. If anybody out there uses WordPress for their own site and knows of an effective Plug-In that will weed out the spammers and keep the real humans, please let me know. In the meantime I’m pulling the Plug(-In).

Obviously, the iJamming! Pub is still out there in its own private world for anyone to make conversation either about one of my posts or about the arts in general, but it requires that you sign up – again to avoid spam merchants – and I know this is too much effort for people who wish just to pass a single comment on an individual post. To them, I apologize. But there’s nothing really I can do about it.

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