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Every now and then, this site goes a little quiet. That’s what happens when you try and maintain something like iJamming! for fifteen years, straight. So, in case you were wondering: I have migrated the Boy About Town Countdowns over to And my daily musings tend to be on Facebook. I dislike Facebook’s manipulation of public posts, and its accruing of private data, not to mention the inability to format text or provide personal lay-out,  but the simple truth of the matter is that most people get their daily social media fix through visiting, liking and commenting on other people’s activities at Facebook, and I feel a need to go where the traffic is. Similarly, I tweet regularly – and I admit I enjoy doing so. I will occasionally upload work-related videos to my YouTube channel, and I tend to use Instagram for photographs that have less to do with my work and are more to do with how I see the beauty in the world around me.

I will continue to use iJamming! as a home for posts of substantial length, record and concert reviews or major news about my activities. The lack of such posts over the last couple of months speaks to the fact that I have been hard at work writing and researching. I hope to announce a new book project soon.

In the meantime, Boy About Town is now available in paperback in the USA as well as the UK and other countries. And it is available in almost eBook formats. Thanks to all for continued support. Cheers.

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  1. 25 October, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    As I recall, we met at NAMM in Anaheim in 05. I was a partner with C&C Custom Drums at the time. I went on to become a mobile and web app architect and developer. Wondering if you have any interest in collaborating to realize the vision for iJamming you shared with me back then?

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