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So here it is, finally. After five years with the same logo and format, we present: the new-look iJamming!…

So what’s new about the new iJamming!? Well, if you’ve been even an occasional visitor these last five years, you’ll be fully aware that we’ve changed the the logo and pretty much everything else about the design. We all need a new look every now and then. But the main purpose behind the redesign is technical: we’ve jumped head-first into php code, which offers you the following wonderful options:

Links to the last ten posts are automatically added to a ‘What’s New’ bar on the right of the page…

…So are links to the last five posts from The Pub.

Each new post is filed under various categories (New York, Music, Wine & Dine etc.), allowing you to find those that most interest you.

Each individual post can be permanently book-marked by clicking on the ‘permanent link’ option at the end of the post

Every post can be forwarded by e-mail to other potentially interested readers.

Each individual post is followed by the opportunity for anyone to leave comments. This allows for immediate reactions on a specific subject, without readers having to register in The Pub. (Naturally, we’ll keep the Pub going. It’s been a roaring success; it works well as a meeting place for iJamming! readers, and for conversation on any number of reader-inspired subjects.)

A new Search button finds all the posts that include your search term and loads their leading lines straight onto a new page. Click on the link at the top of that page to be taken to all inclusions of your search term in the old iJamming!

In addition, the new-look iJamming! is RSS friendly. What’s RSS? I was wondering the same thing until a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m going to come off like an expert – which shows you how easy it is to follow.

Really Simple Syndication allows readers a range of easy ways to access new posts from their preferred web sites. If, for example, you already have an account with a news aggregator like MyYahoo, MyMSN, Bloglines or Newsgator, just click on the relevant button underneath the ‘Subscribe’ bar at bottom right of this page and our new posts will automatically show up on your aggregator’s home page (along with those from your other chosen RSS-friendly web sites).

iJamming! headlines in Bloglines. Thanks to RSS, my own new iJamming!posts automatically find their way to my home page alongside those from, in this case The Guardian, New York Times and Wired.

If you don’t have an account with any of the above, consider one. (Again, just click the relevant button.) All of them are entirely free. Bloglines would appear to be the easiest to use (much though we hate the B word); we are having some initial technical difficulties with myYahoo!

You can copy and paste iJamming!’s RSS feed into any news aggregator. It is:


In addition, the following two browsers take full advantage of RSS feeds:

In Firefox, just click on the orange ‘Add Live Bookmark’ button in the bottom right hand corner. Every new post in iJamming! will automatically be updated inside an ‘iJamming! Live Bookmark‘ folder, offering you the ability to open recent posts individually, or to open all of them in a series of tabbed bookmarks.

In Mac’s Safari browser, just click on the blue RSS button on the right hand side of the address window, and iJamming! will be re-created as an RSS feed. You can re-arrange the posts by date, size, source, or name.

iJamming!’s new design instantly redesigned through Safari’s RSS button in the address bar.

I’m still amazed by the concept of the telephone: the power of RSS staggers me beyond belief. And I love it.

Every single page of the old iJamming! still exists, warts and all. If you’ve bookmarked any of the old html pages, then with the exception of the home page, they’re still in exactly the same place. You can navigate your way through the first five years of iJamming! by going to the Archives page, from the header button beneath our new logo. And, as mentioned, the new search tool searches the old iJamming! as well as the new one.

We would love to hear your reactions to new design. Do you find the new site easy to navigate? Is the type size big enough? Do the categories make sense? Do you like the ability to leave a comment on an individual thread as well as in The Pub, or does the choice make it too confusing? Can you successfully e-mail an article to a friend? Can you find your way round the archives? Is the search engine working properly? Do you know to click on the headers built into the new logo? Should I put my book covers on the front page? How do you feel about other advertising? Let us know by leaving a commment below or by offering your reactions in the Pub. Many thanks. We’re excited.

The iJamming! redesign is the work of Pub member Kenny McColl. Please visit his site for New York Scottish expats: TartanArmyNyc. Kenny also designed, and can be found spinning at Mundial in the East Village most Thursday nights. Thanks Kenny.

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