Independence Daze

We watched the fireworks last night from a friend’s rooftop in Williamsburg, accompanied by turntables and a considerable spread of food and drink. Thanks Amanda. Campbell, as the lone kid in what was essentially an adult’s party, did a pretty good job of picking up adult women. By the end of the night, he’d had one of them demand her boyfriend take pictures of her with Campbell, had spent two hours drawing a Pokemon of his own creation for another (whom he then took on the dancefloor), before suffering much embarrassment at the end of the night by making an (accidental?) grab for the hostess’s boobs. Leaving the party after 11pm, still a little red-faced, he pronounced himself as having “too much energy to go to bed yet.” He was asleep in the car long before we made it home to Park Slope.

Tomorrow Campbell goes off to England to spend three weeks with his granny. For the first time, he’ll be flying solo. This means I won’t be present to witness it if he attempts to grab the hostess’s boobs in flight. His embarrassment after last night’s faux pas will hopefully encourage him to keep his hands to himself. (Girls are fun, he knows, but it’s not like he likes getting that close to them.) How my poor mum is going to be able to cope with this bundle of energy for 20 days, I have no idea. If you do, post it here! (She reads the site by the way, so please keep it polite.)

We will miss Campbell terribly of course. Even though we may just be able to relax now and then without him. Bon voyage.

War of The Worlds? No, just the fireworks through the rooftops.

Those light-enhancing glasses they used to give out at raves. And still give out at baseball games. Harry The Bastard (that’s his name!) let Campbell have his. Posie remembers she used to wear them to Underworld and Orbital shows to better enjoy the lights. Yes, she did look a bit silly. And no, she didn’t care.

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