Ingredients For A Good Weekend

No journeys to or from New York City

A Friday night square dance at the local elementary school
All our parent friends and their kids getting dressed up in cowboy and cowgirl finery
A chili taste off and a plant sale in time for Mother’s Day
And the silly fun of the snake dance at the end

Move them to the sticks and next you know, they’ve turned into hicks….

A fantastic FA Cup Final viewed with five other English dads in the woods
With a world-class performance by Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard
Too much for West Ham United’s full-court press
Making new friends in the process
The three kids wearing their Liverpool shirts
Who spent extra time playing football in the front garden rather than in front of the TV

Buying fresh asparagus at an affordable price fresh off the farm
And the farmer informing me of the honor box:
any time you’re driving by late at night or early in the morning, take what you need, put the money in the box.

Underworld hosting a live radio show on the Internet
A healthy Saturday night dinner
A Saturday night Steve Martin movie indoors
Intimate relations

Getting Noel fed, changed and sated on Mother’s Day before his Mother wakes up
Not, actually, because it’s Mother’s Day, but because I’m up at 6.30am,
Competing in a biathlon for the first time…
…Using a hybrid bike when everyone else is on high-end racing bikes
And still finishing halfway up the pack
Feeling just fine after the 85-minute, 4-mile run and 14-mile mountainous bike ride
Finally getting to read the Sunday paper. Last Sunday’s.
Watching Noel take 50 steps in a row: he only took his first on Tuesday
Noel laughing all weekend
Except when we won’t let him play with the computer
And then he cries likes a baby

…But then again, maybe they haven’t turned into hicks after all: Noel is now walking for England (and the USA, if we can find him a shirt).

An hour on the Playstation with Campbell
Playing Sonic Spinball and FIFA 2006
Our games are picking uppace
Dougie Freedman scoring a proper goal for Palace
On the Playstation

New music by The Raconteurs, Hot Chip, Sol Seppy, French Kicks, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen. The Concretes, The Futureheads Black Angels and Banco de Gaia
Making a Mother’s Day dinner of farm-fresh vegetables and angel hair pasta
Accompanied by a bottle of Pouilly-Fume
The raccoon on the deck last thing at night
And the aching legs

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