It’s A Beautiful Day…

The Iraq war just passed the four-year mark with no sign of ending anytime soon, young British Islamists are up in court denying that they tried to murder fellow British citizens two years ago, leading Republicans still have the gall to accuse Al Gore of “inaccuracies and misleading statements” over Global Warming, I have to spend a large part of today getting my head examined, and I’m hoping Noel has not been scarred for life. Oh, and Crystal Palace will almost certainly finish in mid-table anonymity.
But let us not ponder on these plights! Let’s celebrate Spring!

1) It’s a beautiful day. The first full day of spring has started out with a brilliant blue sky that will bring temperatures up to the mid-fifties. (Checks thermometer for conversion: that’s approx 14C.
2) There’s still two foot of soft white snow all over the landscape from the weekend’s big dump. In a few days, with the warm weather, the snow will melt and we’ll be in dreaded mud season. But for now, it looks so gorgeous it’s hard to believe it’s not a painting.

Rush hour is a bitch round these parts. (Don’t worry, I get it back in spades when I have to take the bus to NYC.)

3) I finished off my Triathlon Training yesterday by covering the bike route over at Belleayre Mountain, slowly so as not to further wear out my very tired legs. The weather was similarly stunning, and it’s as well I didn’t have the skis with me or I might never have come back to work. Anyway, I followed the race course directions to the letter, and they all made sense – except the threatened ‘10 mile’ course appears to barely 6 miles. Either I’m in for a shock when they throw me for a loop (literally), or this race won’t be quite as tough as I thought.
4) The Town of Woodstock has set itself a (arguably unrealistic, but symbolically powerful) target of ‘zero carbon emissions’ within ten years. This makes me feel better about building our house on the very very very edge of the town, where property taxes are alarmingly high. The Resolution, passed last week, seeks to “promote the development of renewable energy resources” and “encourage homeowners to use solar power” among other things. If they can find a way to offer actual incentives (and yes, I am suggesting tax rebates), I’m sure it would make an enormous difference. Something we have learned from the building process is that Going Green requires significant extra initial outlay that is beyond many homeowners’ budgets.
5) I’m writing this while enjoying a cup of Catskill Mountain Coffee – organic and kosher, though I have a sneaking suspicion the beans weren’t actually grown here in the Catskills – with a freshly baked morning glory muffin from Sweet Sue’s and some whole grain toast from Bread Alone. The local vegetable gardens may be under snow right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat local.
6) Posie stopped over at the new British deli near Saugerties yesterday and picked up some hobnobs, McVities Digestives, custard creams and gooseberry jam. Let’s forget that all this stuff cost the earth, is not local and is probably very unhealthy: we have to treat ourselves now and then!
7) She also stocked up on Yorkshire Tea, perfect to accompany Dexys Midnight Runners’ Projected Passion Revue.

The view from the school yard.

8) Noel still doesn’t seem to know he had stitches in and out of his head last week. And my concussion has gone.
9) A group of us are getting together tonight to watch The Kids Are Alright double DVD over beer and pizza.
10) There’s a ‘Beautiful Songs’ thread over at the iJamming! Pub. Feel free to join in.

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