Keith Moon Lives On…

September 7, the anniversary of Keith Moon’s death, seems a perfectly good occasion to print the replies to our iJamming! Keith Moon Quiz Tiebreaker. Despite Chris C. setting a ludicrously hard quiz, two entrants got all 30 questions correct. Chris C. then asked each of them the following:

“Which in your opinion is the one Who song on which Keith’s drumming is absolutely his best performance ever and, in less than 100 words, say why?”

Majada replied as follows:

‘”I Can See for Miles” is an unequaled exemplification of Keith Moon’s
instinct, power, and passion. The resonant torrent of tom toms portends
something sinister lurking behind the next power cord. Each cymbal crash
feels accusatory, an exclamation point underscoring the protagonist’s
rage. The belligerent ire of a jealous lover has been sublimated in
assailing snare rolls. Despite the song’s angst, the crescendo is
joyful. The listener is left breathless, enraptured at finally attaining
release from the unnerving tension. Keith’s dynamic drumming transforms
the song from power pop confection into a grandiose masterpiece of
triumphant fury.’

And lkr1984 – did we get your full name? – wrote this:

“Baby Don’t You Do It” exhibited Keith’s best ever performance. His drumming infused the song with a dynamic energy, the various rolls and cymbal flourishes giving wonderful accent to Roger’s vocals, most noticeably when those two elements can be heard without any other accompaniment. Throughout the majority of the song, the drums seem to lead, even as the lead guitar fights to seize complete control at the finish. On “Baby Don’t You Do It”, Keith wove the beats into an intricate pattern, transforming the drums into much more than just a rhythm instrument.

It was a tough call, but we gave first prize to Majada for her excellent description. We should also note that to the question

“Identify Keith’s co-writers on ‘Dogs Part 2’?”

Majada was alarmingly specific, responding

Pete & John’s dogs, Towser (a spaniel) & Jason (a wolf hound)

….Though lkr1984’s answer, ‘Towser and Jason’ was of itself also correct and brought him or her to the perfect 30-point score.

Chris C. will get the books out to Majada, and if lkr1984 wants to get in touch directly with me, I’ll see if we can work out a consolation prize.

…Just give me a few days: it’s been extraordinarily hectic with the move and a return trip to NYC – already – to close on the sale. I won’t be back up to speed until next week at the earliest. Thanks to everyone for keeping the Pub and the Comments section alive in the meantime and to all those who’ve sent personal e-mails over the last couple of weeks. It’s all really really appreciated.

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