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“We’re undergoing a change in what it means to be a traditional parent. But I read somewhere that the fastest way to turn your kid into a Republican is to dress him up in a Sex Pistols T-shirt. That’s probably true.”

Kevin Salem, musician, producer and co-founder of Little Monster Records, quoted in a
New York Times Arts & Leisure cover story, Sunday November 26. The feature, entitled Hipsters-In-Training‘, follows the previous Sunday’s Style section cover story Mama Was a Riot Grrrl? Then Pick Up a Guitar and Play, which I comented upon here, and suggests that the Times editorial staff has just figured out that the modern post-punk parent is not only playing music for their kids but where talented enough, writing and recording music for their kids too. Read my own piece on the Dad Rock Movement, posted on October 31st, for more on this subject.

The other new Beatles album released in time for Christmas: All Together Now is the debut release on the new children’s label Little Monster Records. It’s exclusively available at Barnes & Noble.

For what it’s worth, I have to put my hand up and confess that I believe we dressed Campbell in a Sex Pistols bib back when he was young enough not to know what it meant to be ‘Pretty Vacant.’ Thankfully, Campbell has yet to turn into a Republican (his teachers ensure that he stays politically correct), though his interest in modern music remains sadly lacking. By the time I was his age, I’d been buying singles for three years and was about to start attending concerts, on my own if need be. I can’t even get Campbell to come to a show as my guest.

As for Noel, I must also confess that I bought a ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ t-shirt for him on Court Street in Brooklyn within hours of his birth. (Read about Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Cure elsewhere in the Times piece.) It may just be a stage he’s going through, but he’s currently showing an inordinate amount of interest in pop music, nodding his head to every dance track we get on the stereo, shaking his whole body to anything with a rock beat, and singing along as best he can to the Thomas The Tank Engine theme tune. He’s also taken to hanging out at the guitar with me, as you can see below. Here’s hoping this one doesn’t grow out of his enthusiasm.

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  1. jaffo

    29 November, 2006 at 11:15 am

    You can’t force them can you Fletch? Jaffo Junior still only shows a mild interest in music although he is a fan of Gary Small’s ska band (god help him). Princess Jaffo, on the other hand, has just performed her first solo ‘gig’ on the guitar at her school. Unfortunately her proud dad wasn’t there but I will be headbanging down the front row for the next one. I can see a life of John Weller style management ahead of me, I’m working on the beer gut already.


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