Kim Moon Lives On, Too

Among the unreplied e-mails from the last couple of weeks is this one, from one Alan McKendree:

Hi Tony,

I was reading your interview with Jean Battye with great interest, but found this in the introduction:

“I talked to the last surviving passenger from the Bentley that evening, Jean Battye.”

The last I heard of Kim (about a year ago), she was alive and well. I can’t imagine she would have passed on, and it not been reported. Can you clear this up for me?

Certainly can. It was bad English on my part. What I meant to impress upon readers was that Jean Battye was the last of the Bentley’s surviving passengers for me to talk to about the events of Jan 4 1970. The driver, Neil Boland, died that night, Keith Moon died eight years later; I talked to two of the other three people in the car that night, Keith’s wife Kim Moon and his friend ‘Legs’ Larry Smith, while researching Dear Boy. That left only Larry’s girlfriend of the time, Jean Battye, who was pointed my way through an iJamming! Pub member, for which I’m most grateful. Yes, Kim is alive and well as far as I know, and for that matter, ‘Legs’ Larry Smith is still with us, too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would happily pass my online writing through an editor just as I do my print work.

Alan’s question was the kind that could have been posted in the Pub and would probably have received a knowledgable answer within hours – although I appreciate that maybe Alan was trying to avoid embarrassing me and my confusing use of the English language in view of other readers. But as an ongoing reminder, any mail that’s not strictly private is best placed in The Pub or the Comments section where others can also pitch in, and where I’m less likely to leave correspondence unattended.


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