Marsheaux: A Correction

Search engines have a lot to answer for. I wouldn’t normally expect to go to Greece for a concert, post a review of a DJ set by an act I’d never heard of before, then get an e-mail from that artist barely a week later. (After all, iJamming! is not the biggest or most influential of sites.) But such was the case with Marsheaux, of whose DJ set at Ejekt I wrote

ROCKIN’: The two girls of Marsheaux giving it the ‘Addicted To Love’ look while delivering a laptop set in the dance hangar.
SHOCKIN’: I assume they’re beat-mixing their own music until I hear The Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside’ comes over the PA.

They took that as a negative, which wasn’t the case: it doesn’t bother me whether they spin their own tunes or someone else’s, and I was certainly grooving to what little I heard of their set. However, what really upset them was the subsequent paragraph:

ROCKIN’: Marsheaux present us with a Limited Edition mix CD straight after their set.?
SHOCKIN’: It’s a CD of their set. That’s just a little quick for it not to have been recorded prior to their set, hey ladies?”

Marsheaux: Addicted to Laptops.

According to Sophie and Marianthi,, aka Marsheaux,

“The DJ set was live mixed.Some tracks was pre recorded(with extra loops+snares) but the mixing was live
We started burning the set in our two laptops after the show and we managed to burn 32 copies
So probably you got one of these copies
The 32 copies CDRs we made is the entire set in 1 track and we burned the other 68 the next days in 27 tracks.You have the 1 trk right?
We sent you the track listing of our set
If you want to correct this we d be very happy.
Thank you

Sadly, the copy of the Marsheaux mix CD that I saw was via a member of Radio 4; had I talked to Sophie and Marianthi direct, I may not have made the mistake that I did. The girls did send me, via this ssame e-mail, a copy of their set list for the night, which looks like it was tailor made for (or by) my wife, including as it did The Chemical Brothers, Shamen, Knife, Goldfrapp, Orbital, Client, FC Kahuna, Royksopp and our old OLD friends Die Krupps. Marsheaux, it may seem like I dissed you, but I’m now just jealous of your musical taste and work ethic. Thanks for writing in. Search engines serve a function, after all.

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  1. aznavour

    22 July, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    …I love marsheaux….can’t wait for new material if any


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