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(This post goes out to my mother, who fulfilled a life dream by being invited up the twin towers of the Beverley Minster last week, where the bells date back 650 years, where graffiti dates back to 1651, and from where she could, but of course, see for miles.)

Am I the only one heavily disappointed by the new Futureheads album?
Considering that their debut was my album of 2004?
And am I the only one mildly disappointed by the new Secret Machines album?
And is it coincidence that these are both artists’ (dreaded) second albums?

How do you say “sophomore slump” in Sunderland?

Why do 10-year olds always leave their homework at school?
Why do their parents have to punish them for that?
Was that really Campbell’s music teacher wearing a beret and blasting a harmonica on stage on the Woodstock Village Green for Levon Helm Day?
Why has the Woodstock Village Green been paved over?
Why did they give Levon Helm the key to the Village when no one locks their doors?

Am I the only person in the western world who has never knowingly heard James Blunt?
Am I the only one who thinks the debut album by David Ford is brilliant?
Why is James Blunt more popular than David Ford?

Boring names don’t always make for boring records. Not always.

Isn’t it great that I can buy Ben Sherman clothes in Woodstock, right next door to the store that says “Hippies always welcome.”
Why are Ben Shermans made in Thailand and Hong Kong, and not in the UK?
Ever tried buying a pair of skate shoes not made in China?
Ever tried buying a bicycle not made in China?
Ever tried building a house?

How comes Neil Young and Van Morrison can release an album every nine months?
And always have something valid to say?

Neil and Van: Still Young (and angry) after all these years

Can I be the first to recommend the movie Over The Hedge – and hope that its not-so-subtle message hits home with SUV-loving suburbanites?
Can I be the first to accept that it won’t change a thing?
Has anyone else here watched The Thief Lord? Or The New World? Or Junebug?
Anyone care to comment on any of these movies in The Pub?

Am I the only person who claims not to care about any other football team but Crystal Palace, yet secretly hoped West Ham and Arsenal would win their cups so that London could claim European dominance in football?
How great is it to play a whole Playstation FIFA 2006 Soccer game perfecting brutal slide tackles? (Until your whole team get sent off?)
Why is it that even when I play as Chelsea on the Playstation 2, they get beaten 3-0 at home by Wigan?
And when I play as Arsenal in the League Cup, they lose 3-0 at home to Crewe?
Is it because I’m crap at FIFA 2006?

Why do I get up on a Sunday morning and decide to run up and down a steep mountain? In the rain?
And the cold?
In new trail shoes?
That no longer look so new?
Can I the first person to note that it snowed last night?

Ever tried building a house?
Are the Fletchers capable of a simple life?

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  1. Shona

    30 May, 2006 at 7:16 am

    Tony – count yourself VERY lucky you haven’t stumbled on James Blunt – quite hinestly I can tolerate most music – but there is something about his voice that turns my stomach – like pulling cotton wall apert or mails down a blackboard – sorry chalkboard……

    I too wanted West Ham and Arsenal to do well – I love all football and a Chelsea fan. I am also gutted for Palace as I have many friends who support them and Selhurst Park holds some great memories for me.

    Looks like I will be seeing a bit of Dowie at Charlton then Tony – (we have season tickets at work to entertain our clients)…

    Regarding homework – it’s a worldwide problem with 10/11 year olds – Hattie does that too -and she always insisits on me getting her to school really early – where I suspect see does it then – oh well – I’m not bothered – she will be starting secondary school in September – then I will be firm with her – for now I don’t actually agree with homework at their age.


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