Morphine Magic

The last time I went under the knife – and it was serious – I was warned. You’re going to wake up in more pain than you are right now. You will be crying like a baby from the effects of your body being opened up and banged around. Just remember this one magic word and scream it loud as you can between your tears: MORPHINE!

It’s hard to explain this to a real baby – especially when his operation has been planned a while in advance so that the kid is not even aware there’s anything about to happen to him. Fortunately, yesterday’s interior redecorating on our baby Noel appears to have gone off smoothly, and in the long-term, I trust what we and he are going through right now will seem like a small blip on the radar. But watching the poor lad wake up yesterday and struggle to understand why he had tubes and clamps attached to him and why he was hurting so much from the physical redesign when he wasn’t aware of hurting first thing in the morning… To use a true cliche, it breaks your heart. Fortunately the attending nurses and doctors already knew the magic word and were quick to administer a soothing dose. Last I saw of him, he was drifting off to sleep on his cot desperately clinging to his mother’s arm for comfort.

Thanks to everyone who passed on their wishes. We’ll keep you informed.

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