The wonders of technology have allowed me to keep posting as we’ve been coming and, mostly, going this week. They’ve enabled me to stay online with the site even as the phone has been cut off. And they’ve enabled me to stay in touch with events after the TVs were packed on Tuesday. Still, immersed as we’ve been with the move, we didn’t register the true horrors of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath until Wednesday. Yesterday, Thursday, driving back downstate, listening to NPR’s reports for three hours solid, I got the feeling that the government hadn’t registered the horrors ‘till then either.

The web is full of amateur politicians and pundits taking potshots from a distance and, playing catch-up as I am, I don’t want to join them. I will say, though, that the interview I heard with Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, in which he had no knowledge whatsoever of the conditions at the New Orleans Convention Center, despite the horrific reports coming out from veteran qualified media correspondents, revealed a man entirely out of the loop and equally out of his depth. If this is how Homeland Security keeps people at home secure then I should say my prayers now for the next terrorist attack on New York.

I may or may not be in the city when that happens. We’re pretty much moved now and, thinking of the calamity down on the Gulf Coast, I can do nothing but offer thanks for the good fortune in my own life. We’ve left behind one intact house, we have all the possessions we’ve stored all these years, the family is safe and sound, we’ve moved into another house intact. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose parts or all of that and I’m quite glad I haven’t been able to watch TV and see the horrors up close from the comfort of distance, if you see what I mean. My thoughts are with those who’ve lost everything and are trapped in those terrible conditions. It won’t be a holiday weekend for them.

Because our wealthy government is not responding quickly enough to the challenges, we are having to rely on charities. If you can afford to donate, please consider doing so. This page at the New York Times site links to many charities working on hurricane relief efforts. This page at the Charity Navigator site lists those charities working on hurricane relief efforts that have received a 4-star rating. On a personal note, I particularly support and encourage donations to Mercy Corps, Americares and the Red Cross.


On a somewhat brighter note, it seems applicable that, the day we officially move out, The Royale on 5th Ave hosts its Step On revival. Now known as Resurrection, and operating entirely with our blessing, former Step On guest DJs Nick Cain and McCutcheon will be playing much of the same music we entertained you with for that year and a half. Admission is free as always. We’ll be there in spirit.

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