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Thirty Hours Back In The Big Apple

The Village Voice: 50 Years Old This Week. And still going through a midlife crisis.

5c in 1955. Free in 2005. Who said there’s no such thing as a free weekly?

Time Out’s Best of New York Issue: Reads like an advertorial.

Audrey Silk, “a pro-smoking rights activist” running for Mayor on the Libertarian Party ticket. “She refuses to go to Libertarian Party meetings because they make her go outside to smoke.” As L Magazine notes in its Mayorgeddon 2005, “You simply cannot make that up.”

Bloomberg’s Guaranteed Reelection: How can a city that claims to be so vehemently anti-Republican elect a Republican Mayor – four times in a row?

2000 Dead American Soldiers in Iraq: The headlines scream the awful milestone, life goes on as normal regardless… Except at the mass grave once known as the World Trade Center, where nothing seems to be happening in a hurry. I’m sorry, but isn’t the rebuilding of the Towers at least partially the Mayor’s responsibility?

Blades on Broadway: Smart skate sneaks at streetwise prices. A helpful salesman who actually knows that we got six inches of snow on Hunter Mountain already. And I discover the brand Path that produces purely synthetic boots. Let’s see if they’re more comfortable that Vegetarian Shoes.

99X: New York’s premier mod-skinhead store has ‘Public Image Ltd’ on the sound system. Today’s best song of all time?

The Poor? Let them eat stocks! “The only time Mike Bloomberg even mentioned “poverty” in his first four years was in his State of The City speech this January.” L Magazine’s Mayorgeddon 2005.

Brooklyn Dads: Happy to hang out and drink wine with their former neighbor late on a midweek night.

Stonehome Wine Bar: A reason to love (and even live in) Fort Greene. We drink Chinon and St-Chinian – and yes, we do know the difference.

Pannini e Vino on 1st Avenue: “Not even in Italy would they dare serve a cappuccino like this.” Dare? And that’s meant to be a good thing?

Jerry’s on Prince Street: Home of the $15 vegetable sandwich.

Vegetarian Chinese Food: Teriyaki Beef at Vegetarian Palate on Flatbush Avenue, Rose Petals at Zen Palate. I’d kill for this kind of food Upstate. Actually, whoops, that’s the point of if. No, I wouldn’t.

The Virgin Megastore: Every credit card purchase now requires picture ID. Love to try selling my fanzine to these stores.
The Virgin Megastore staff: “No, we don’t got no movie by that name.” They don’t need to teach Ebonics: it’s already been learned.

The Starbucks bathroom line: If the city is doing so well, why are there no public toilets?

Sean John pulling Muhammad Ali’s Black Panther pose on a billboard atop of Times Square: Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?

Duane Reade. There’s one on the North West corner of 50th Street and Broadway.
Duane Reade: There’s one on the South West corner of 50th Street and Broadway. And you thought Starbucks was in competition with itself?

Railroad Apartments: They’re still bigger than most DJ booths. So my friend put a DJ booth in his. Can’t argue with that logic.

All life’s essentials

Mayor Bloomberg’s full page ad in the Village Voice. Hey, he’s already got most of the Democrat vote. May as well go for the real left wing.

Tuesday night: The Infadels at Rothko: The Nor’Easter put paid to that plan
Wednesday night: Cream at MSG: Um, I didn’t know about it.
Thursday night: Ben Watt at Cielo: Wish I could stick around.
Friday night: Depeche Mode at Bowery Ballroom: I didn’t get tickets. Hell, who needs live music anyway? It’s going take me the rest of my life to listen to all my records.

My old abodes: Find myself 200 yards from my former house in Brooklyn. Don’t make the detour. Find myself 200 yards from three of my former rentals in Manhattan. Don’t make the detour. Nostalgia’s over-rated.

NYC, 2005: Where I go, the taxi rides are pleasant, no-one hassles you on the street, and the drug sales must have moved indoors. Even the port Authority – the hellish embodiment of all NYC’s problems when I first communited to the city back in 1988 – is a safe and properly functioning experience. People don’t fix what ain’t broke. Mayor Bloomberg, here’s your second term.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Kevin B.

    28 October, 2005 at 2:43 pm


    “Guaranteed Reelection: How can a city that claims to be so vehemently anti-Republican elect a Republican Mayor – four times in a row?”

    Probably because he is more of a “Reagan Democrat” — Bloomberg is clearly not an out-and-out conservative nor was Guilliani — there is a difference between Republicans and Conservatives…

    Bloomberg and Guilliani are in the mold of JFK/Reagan — the Democrats he will face seem to be Socialists — it would be nice to see the old-school Dems take back their party…

    But not only the CITY voting Republican — Don’t forget the STATE has a Republican Governor — amazing, really — considering the STATE usually votes for a Democrat Presidential Candidate…

    – Kevin –

  2. Kevin B.

    28 October, 2005 at 2:46 pm

    “I’m sorry, but isn’t the rebuilding of the Towers at least partially the Mayor’s responsibility?”

    I believe, Governor Pataki put a halt to the rebuilding after it was discovered that the USA would be depicted, in the memorial building/room as partially responsible for the 9/11 attack…

    – Kevin –


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