Noel Fletcher

Noel Fletcher has been playing guitar since he was three. Now ten, he has entertained audiences in London, New York City, Los Angeles and beyond. He is an annual performer at the Concerts on the Green in his home town of Woodstock, NY, in which area he has also performed at the Bearsville Theater and accompanying Utopia Studios, the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary’s annual Jamboree, on Catskill Cabaradio, and as a featured performer at the Roxbury Busk and Bard Street Festival.

Noel’s ability – not just as a guitarist, but also as a singer and performer – has been widely remarked upon by professional musicians and enthused audiences alike. While he was born into a musical family, his talent initially unveiled itself not from parental insistence but as a chosen outlet when other forms of communication were proving difficult for him. Given a First Act acoustic guitar at the age of three, he graduated to a junior Martin acoustic-electric at he age of six, and is known locally for carrying it on his back most places he travels.


A short set by Noel Fletcher typically includes songs by his favorite bands, The Who and Steam Powered Giraffe, along with the imaginative children’s musical character, Gustafer Yellowgold, a Beatles or Elvis tune thrown in for good measure, and perhaps one of his own original compositions. While Noel has undertaken many formal bookings, he is equally comfortable busking. He can often be found on the sidewalk or green in Phoenicia and Woodstock, and has twice played at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. A summer 2013 family visit to the UK had him earning considerable ‘quid’ on the streets of London’s Covent Garden, Portobello Road and Carnaby Street, as well as in Manchester and other British towns: a video of “Blue Suede Shoes” performed across the country can be seen above. On that same visit, Pete Townshend granted him an audience prior to The Who’s end-of-tour concert at Wembley Arena.

Noel Fletcher has a YouTube playlist, and can be contacted via

Pete Townshend with Noel Fletcher, London Wembley Arena, July 2013

Pete Townshend with Noel Fletcher, London Wembley Arena, July 2013


“Witnessing Noel Fletcher develop into a wunderkind singer-guitarist has been one of the joys of my life. His progress was – and remains – astonishing. He’s gifted, but also dedicated, with an enviable laser beam focus. I love watching people watch him with their mouths agape, and I never get tired of saying his name when folks ask, “Who IS that kid?” “Noel Fletcher.”” Robert Warren, a.k.a. Uncle Rock. 

“Noel Fletcher lights up the stage with his earnest, honest renditions of classic tunes. And what inspiration for all the kids out in the audience. Noel is a delight!” Laurie McIntosh, a.k.a. Story Laurie,

“Noel Fletcher’s musical talent is far beyond his actual years.  HIs love and understanding of music shows in his advanced skills on the guitar.  His ability in only rivaled by his own on-stage charm and confidence.” Morgan Taylor, a.k.a. Gustafer Yellowgold

“Of the many music students, both young and old, with whom I have worked over the years, none has impressed me more than Noel Fletcher.   Noel displays a maturity, confidence and precision in his playing and singing that are truly exceptional and his musicality and engaging personality especially shine when he plays before an audience.  He is a rare talent and a budding performer of whom we may expect great things!” Tom Benton, Thomas Benton School of Music