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The photo below, courtesy of Bob Gruen, is from my interview/discussion with Arlene Smith of the Chantels at Barnes & Noble’s Lincoln Triangle store last Friday, promoting All Hopped Up and Ready To Go. Arlene was an absolute delight, and more than compensated for the fact that our other invited guests canceled on us. Thanks to all those friends who came out, and to all the strangers too. And to Barnes & Noble for having a Green Room. Thanks also to Google for hosting me for one of their in-house Author Events earlier in the day and for having so much vegan food in their cafeteria. A man could almost get used to this.


Earlier on Friday, 101.9 WXRP broadcast DJ Matt Pinfield’s interview with me. As with Dusty Wright at Culture Catch, we’ve been friends a long time, and as with my Culture Catch podcast, I think it shows in the interview itself. You can access it here.

My apologies, of sorts, for the fact that the iJamming! Pub remains down. Our web hosts recently switched servers, unbeknownst to us, and it has caused all kinds of chaos. I am repeatedly informed that the Pub will be back up in a day or so; I am only hoping that we haven’t lost it entirely. Bear with us.

Likewise, I do kind of wish that I could be offering up more by way of old-fashioned iJamming! posts right now, but there are times in one’s life where it’s hard to stay on top of the work that must be done, and this is one of those times. Reviews of wine, women and song has to go by the wayside just for now. I am, at least, trying to “tweet” points of interest as they occur. You can follow those tweets in the righthand column or sign up for them here.

A reminder that while the Pub is down, the Comments section at the bottom of each page remains open. Cheers.

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