Boy About Town Number 49: Hello Hooray

Chapter by Chapter excerpts from Boy About Town: A Memoir. I set about following Alice with a passion I’d barely hinted at with David. The singles ‘Elected’, ‘Hello Hooray’ and ‘No...
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Boy About Town Number 50: Could It Be Forever

Chapter by Chapter excerpts from Boy About Town: A Memoir, published by Windmill Books/William Heinemann. When I finally got to hear it in full, at home, ‘Could It Be Forever’...
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Some Days Are Better Than Others

I’ve often said there’s no such thing as a bad day’s skiing, only that some days are better than others. Still, on Sunday morning, it looked like my positive thinking...
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Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion

PREMISE: An accounting of the monumental Memphis record label that exemplified soul music for black and white alike. PROMISE: “The Stax story has been told in bits and pieces in...
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Gilles Verlant: A Tribute

Good friends may be rare, but they are not hard to come by. There is no effort involved in the acquisition of a good friend. The relationship just happens, often...
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The Story Of Lovers Rock

The other night, scouring the cable channels for something half-way decent to watch, I stumbled on The Story of Lovers Rock, on the Africa Channel. Any outlet for such a...
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A helmet, a Hammond and a podcast on Hunter Mountain

The scene: Hunter Ski Mountain, the express lift to the summit. It’s a Friday, a powder day too, but the mountain is not crowded: the storm has only just subsided...
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No More Silence: We SHALL Overcome

This past weekend, I attended two musical events within twelve hours. Late Saturday night, Posie and I were at the BSP Lounge in Kingston for Jonathan Toubin’s Soul-Clap party. The...
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