Autobiography by Morrissey: A Full Review

Morrissey’s Autobiography largely lives up to the reputation of its author – sometimes for better, often for worse. “Naturally my birth almost kills my mother, for my head is too...
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Book Review: Run Wild by Boff Whalley

PREMISE: Chumbawamba guitarist hits 50, takes a year’s sabbatical in America to write a memoir about his love of “wild running” – and uses his observations of the 2010 New...
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Boy About Town Chapter by Song #49

HELLO HOORAY THE SECOND STORY CHAPTER  in Boy About Town could as easily have been entitled ‘School’s Out.’ That number one hit from the summer of 1972 served as my...
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A mid-packer and proud of it: Taking on the Olympic Distance Triathlon

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do. It Comes From Overcoming The Things You Once Thought You Couldn’t. I only saw the above axiom after completing my first Olympic...
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Boy About Town: Now available in the States

Boy About Town: A Memoir is now available in the USA. Your local bookstore can order it from IPG, but as it’s an import, and apart from the Hudson Valley stores where...
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Boy About Town competition winner

Congratulations to Pascal Cheng, who has just won himself a signed copy of Boy About Town. Pascal joined a shortlist of seven readers who chose to put forth their fave...
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Boy About Town Chapter By Song #50

COULD IT BE FOREVER I HAVE RECEIVED A FAIR AMOUNT OF GOOD-NATURED STICK  for opening Boy About Town with the admission that my first proper 7” single purchase was for David...
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Win A Signed Copy of Boy About Town

  For those who’d like to read more about the stories behind some of the ancient (i.e. 1970s-1980) photos I’ve been posting recently, Boy About Town will be available in...
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