Manitou’s Revenge

When does running a full marathon through the unforgiving Catskill Mountains count as a cop-out? When you’re one of only two relay teams and the other 60 entrants are all...
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School’s Out… for ever

To say this is a major weekend would be significantly under-stating the case. There’s the Ian McLagan show at the Bearsville Theater tonight, and the small matter of the marathon...
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Six Months after Sandy Hook. Where are we?

This Friday will mark the six month anniversary of the Newtown/Sandy Hook massacre. It is hard to think of anything good that has come of this awful atrocity. The temporary...
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Crystal Palace at Wembley: My eye-witness account

I didn’t make it over to London for ‘the £120m game,‘ Crystal Palace’s play-off Final against Watford that saw my beloved Eagles gain promotion to the Premier League. But I...
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Boy About Town goes on tour

Boy About Town is published Thursday July 4. I’m pleased to announce a stellar list of readings and signings in the UK through the month of July, including a wonderful...
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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mod. Sort of.

My memoir, Boy About Town, is published one month today, July 4. This is one of the photos I put forward for the cover; unfortunately we couldn’t find the original,...
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All Hopped Up (and locked out and blown down!)

Ever had one of those evenings you feel you should have stayed home? I drove up to the WGXC studios in Hudson with a heavy cold Wednesday May 29th to...
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Burlington Blues

Anyone who has run a marathon – or participated in any endurance sport, come to that – knows that, seasonal averages be damned, trying to predict the weather for race...
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