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Mammoth Powder Part 3

A Mammoth Skiing Adventure Part 1 Part 2   Skiing is a curious sport. From the outside, it seems perfectly pointless. A close relative has asked me a few times,...
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Mammoth, The Rental: A Short Story

“You need an SUV.” The man at the Thrifty desk at LAX seemed as certain about my needs as I felt certain that he was trying to fleece me. “If...
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This is Radio Fletch

On Friday December 14, a day that will otherwise go down in American infamy, I played guest DJ on WGXC, a ‘hands-on radio’ station that serves Columbia and Greene Counties...
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The United States of America

This past August and September, our family took a road trip across the United States of America, traveling to Burning Man and back. Leaving New York (never easy), we traveled...
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The Greatest Ride of Our Lives Part 7: California-Cleveland

Our trip back across the country from Nevada took only half the time we spent getting out there – five days as opposed to ten – but it was equally...
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The Greatest Ride of Our Lives: Let the Slide Shows begin.

The Fletcher family’s three and a half week cross-country road trip to Burning Man and back was reasonably well documented via a daily (or so) pic put out to my...
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A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths. An Update

The British publication of A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths is a new one for me. It’s the first time I’ve had a book...
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Tomorrow, Thursday morning, we set off on a family trip like none we’ve ever undertaken. We are going to Burning Man. That of itself is not a particularly big deal:...
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