Peace and Quiet

Well, it’s been two weeks of little sleep, much lifting, a large amount of driving while watching the price of gas go up in front of my eyes, and a hectic amount of paperwork, bureaucracy and occasional shouting. (Mostly at the lawyers.) We’ll be living out of boxes for a while yet, but as I write, this Friday lunchtime, I’ve finally cleared some of those boxes off my desk, have my laptop out in front of me, the Roadrunner connection properly working, the Airport set up allowing me to work wirelessly, the music pulsating quietly, the sun streaming through the windows and am looking out on… not very much at all, actually. No drama on the street out front of my window like there always was in Brooklyn, no trucks or buses rampaging down what was a residential street nor cars with their horns blasting trying to beat the red light. No nothing, to be honest. Least not from where I’m sat, on a small private road tucked behind the high street that’s advantageously all of 20 yards from the Post Office, and about another 20 from the so-called supermarket. No: It’s just another quiet weekday in Phoenicia. And for the first time since packing up the old house, I’m getting to enjoy it.

Not that we’re avoiding NYC. Fact, we’re heading back tomorrow for a farewell picnic that will double as Campbell’s 10th birthday party. It was impossible to say all our goodbyes before leaving and we didn’t want to sneak out without saying farewell. Because of my computer crash a couple of weeks back I was late getting out some of the e-mail invites. If anyone reading this feels like they’re a family friend and should be joining us tomorrow afternoon, I’m sure it wasn’t personal, but rather, just part of the address problem. Give me a shout and I’ll shoot back the 411.

I’ve also got a full Howl-style rhythmic post on its way: Moving Memories. I’ll see if I can get it up over the weekend so I can get back to normal writing next week.

By the way, if you trace iJamming! back over the last twelve months, you’ll see that we have not taken a holiday since last summer. Our entire lives have been absorbed by baby Noel and the subsequent move out of NYC. Some point soon, when the boxes are behind us, we’re going to take a proper break – and when that happens, that break will include iJamming!

But for now, thanks for making this site such a pleasurable part of my life, and here’s to the new set-up.

And as a Crystal Palace fan who was born near Hull and whose childhood footballing idol was the then-Palace and England forward Peter Taylor, now manager up at Hull, here’s hoping the Selhurst Park Faithful give him a hero’s welcome tomorrow. Taylor’s done wonders with what was once a bottom-feeding club to the extent that it’s embarrassing for Palace to find themselves in the same division as Hull. Of course, there are some who could say that about Wigan Athletic too.

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