Posie’s Paintings

Saturday night saw the opening of the latest monthly exhibition at our Phoenicia Main Street gallery Arts Upstairs – and the gallery debut for my wife Posie, who has two of her paintings on show. One of them, a view from Phoenicia Park, was completed just last week; the other, an abstract of the view from our house, has actually been hanging in our bedroom this past year, where it fits perfectly with the colors of the walls – and we can’t wait to get it back there. (In other words, that one is not for sale.)

Posie’s paintings – and in case you’re wondering, yes there is art in the windows.

Arts Upstairs welcomes all-comers, though it offers a theme each month for the main part of the show. The current theme is Music & Art, for which contributors brought in everything from playable instruments and re-designed album covers, to video slide shows, vast photo collages and, in the case of locals Bob Gruen and Laura Levine, celebrated black and white photographs. (Gruen’s famous John Lennon NYC shot is available for $1200, framed and signed.) For the fun of it, we printed up a picture of Karl Hyde from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, taken on the occasion of my interview with him back in 2002. Underworld will be playing Central Park Summerstage this coming September – and not before time. The Arts Upstairs gallery is open weekends and select hours during the week.

Bob Gruen contributed photographs of his three most celebrated subjects: John Lennon, the New York Dolls (at right) and, at left and out of shot, The Clash.

Note to the Curators, because I know you read this site Tom: is there any way of getting a different cheap wine for the openings than the Yellowtail Shiraz? I think if I see another bottle of that Pepsi Wine, I will puke – and I’d hate to do so in a gallery! (Contact me if you need recommendations.)

These drums came with the instructions to ‘Please play with your eyes only.’

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