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We’re Leaving Home, bye bye

As most of you probably know, Tony Fletcher, Posie Strenz and Noel Fletcher will be leaving home on January 1 to spend 2016 backpacking their way around the world. Campbell Fletcher will be spending...
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boy about town

Boy About Town Bonus chapter

‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ was originally intended to appear as ‘Number 44’ in Boy About Town’s sequential order of short stories, in between the chapters ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Join...
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Tony, Noel & Posie: I suspect we won't be dressed like this on the road,

Tony, Posie and Noel’s Big Adventure

So, here’s the news… On January 1, 2016, myself, my wife Posie, and our younger son Noel will be setting off on a ten-month, round-the-world backpacking journey. Goodbye Catskills, goodbye...
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'Birthplace of the Blues' would be far more appropriate.

Why I Sing The Blues: B. B. King and America’s Racist Revisionism

We all have to go some time. And hopefully, B. B. King was able to reflect in his twilight years that he had lived a longer, greater and more illustrious...
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Ben E. King in his early solo days

Ben E. King: The Sweet Soul Man

  It’s hard to imagine a sweeter person in all of soul music than Ben E. King, who passed away on April 30 at the age of 76. Our family...
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An hour after the race, looking better for a beer and fresh clothes.

Boston Strong 2015

Marathon racing is a tough sport, we all know that. It takes an intense amount of training, usually over the cold of winter or the heat of summer, to prepare...
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A Monday Musing

Being vegan and athletic, I very rarely get sick. But the latter lifestyle choice does occasionally make for exhaustion – and never more so than if I’m training for a...
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Pete Townshend with Noel Fletcher, London Wembley Arena, July 2013

The Mediums of Music

When interviewing older musicians, the tables are frequently turned, and I find myself asked for my opinion on contemporary music – its merits, musical and otherwise, and to what extent...
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