All Hopped Up (and locked out and blown down!)

Ever had one of those evenings you feel you should have stayed home? I drove up to the WGXC studios in Hudson with a heavy cold Wednesday May 29th to...
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Burlington Blues

Anyone who has run a marathon – or participated in any endurance sport, come to that – knows that, seasonal averages be damned, trying to predict the weather for race...
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Morrissey: Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer, 1983

Happy Birthday, Morrissey, 54 years young today. I’m not typically in the habit of giving birthday shout-outs (e.g., a belated best wishes to Mr. Pete Townshend, 68 last Sunday), but...
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The Smiths at the Haçienda, February 1983

As we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of The Smiths as recording artists, with ‘Hand In Glove,’ let’s go back three more months to the gig that produced its B-side: The...
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The Smiths. It was thirty years ago this week.

It was like they were saying, ‘You ARE on your own, but there’s a lot of you out there.’ The 30th anniversary of the release of ‘Hand In Glove’ provided...
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Coming this July 4… Boy About Town

I was no longer fitting in at school. I was unsure of my friends, and they were increasingly unsure of me. I wanted to be a rock star – a...
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Springtime in New York

At lunch Friday with a magazine editor friend who has a place in Phoenicia, I was asked why I would want to spend a beautiful spring weekend in NY City...
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All Hopped Up (and Ready To Go): April playlist & audio file

Here is the playlist and the audio file for my latest radio show, broadcast on the last Wednesday of every month on WGXC. This show went out April 24, though...
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