Rampling Resigns

He was a leading light in the British acid house revolution, the resident DJ at his own legendary London party Shoom back in 1987. Now Danny Rampling is setting an entirely different precedent for the rave generation: as of next New Year’s Eve, Rampling will hanging up his headphones.

“Over the years of playing around the world, I have been slowly developing a taste for fine wines and modern eclectic cuisine,” Rampling explained in a press release he issued on Monday. And you know where this is going. Yes, Rampling is set to become a restauranter. Of his new enterprise, to be set in the heart of London, he says, “It will be a large chilled space with 80+ covers and I am fortunate that my business partner has 17 years experience in Michelin Star restaurants. The cuisine will be modern European with Southern Mediterranean influences.”

Danny Rampling, hanging up his headphones eighteen years after starting Shoom – and launching a million smiley faces.

Superstar DJs have long lived the high life and the good wine that so easily comes their way has turned into, for many, into a passion to match their vinyl habits. See both my opening post at the iJamming! Wine pages (Wine and Music: The Connection ) and interviews with DJs Timo Maas and John Acquaviva about their own wine obsessions. Even if you don’t care for Rampling’s new venture, congratulate him for getting out on top, while in good health. Now, who’s next for the old DJ’s home?

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  1. snotty moore

    15 July, 2005 at 8:19 am

    Acquaviva knows a little bit about wine, but Timo Maas is hardly passionate is he? In what way does it ‘match their vinyl habits’? They must have very small record collections. The music business’s greatest bon viveur is definitely Simon Napier-Bell incidentally.
    I didn’t realise you’re a vegetarian. Does that limit your enjoyment of wine, in that you don’t drink certain wines with their best match? Do you eat fish?

    Rampling is clearly fronting the gaff, but where is it? London? The seaside?

  2. 15 July, 2005 at 6:50 pm


    You’re right about Timo. When I started the site, I had this idea about DJs and wine and he was up for it. I realised he didn’t know that much but it was still fun. There were lots more DJs I could have done along the way – I had planned a Chateauneuf du Pape session with Dave Ralph – but these interviews are too much work for the limited return.

    I’m strict vegetarian. No fish. Was vegan through much of the 90s. I think it’s something of a myth about wine and meat, perpetuated by those who believe the world is flat. Seriously, I’m always reading these reviews about how difficult it is to match vegetables and food but that’s from a carnivore’s perspective- from mine,there’s no problem. The only wine I have a difficulty with is Cab Sauvignon, especially the Califorian kind, which seems to sometimes demand a powerful palate I can’t share. But otherwise, if you allow that my tastes in wine are generally Mediterranean, and that the Mediterranean diet is very healthy and largely vegetarian, I don’t have a problem. I do, however, still follow the idea of trying to match wine and food wherever possible. Oh, and to enjoy wine the way that I do, and with the people I like, I’ve had to ease off my emotions and let people slobber away at whatever dead animals they choose to. My carnivore wine friends respect that I don’t pass comment. And my wife eats fresh fish.

    Our cat, by the way, is a total carnivore and would probably love a glass of Californian Cab to accompany his raw squirrels.




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