Reasons To Be Thankful

1) Bixby the cat survived his week in the woods and now stays close to home
2) Noel survived his fall down the stairs this week and has only a graze on his forehead to nicely compliment the scar from his last big fall
3) My marriage survived the process of building our house
4) Anton Corbijn mortgaged his house because he knew he had to complete Control – and presumably got his collateral back. Thank you, Mr. Corbijn, for daring to presume how and why Ian Curtis killed himself, and doing so with such love and affection.
5) That for all its weaknesses, Amazing Journey has so many fantastic, previously unseen clips of The Who that help reinforce why so many of us still think they were the greatest thing ever to happen to rock music.
6) That Steve McLaren did not survive England’s defeat by Croatia. The worst England manager ever?
7) Terry Venables did not survive the 18-month reign of mediocrity either. Time for the dodgy Palace-wrecker to retire to the Costa del Crime.
8) I didn’t agree to the serious knee operation that dodgy doctor tried to foist on me earlier this year.
9) Instead, I finished the running season at the Kingston Fair Street 5k by taking twenty seconds off my PR, getting it down to 19:36. Best of all, that it felt eminently doable.
10) That in-between the running season and the ski season I can get on with enjoying some good wine and finishing off that keg of Keegans Ale.
11) That after last week’s typically great Bruce Springsteen show in Albany, I’ve been paying proper attention to the E Street Band’s Hammersmith Odeon 1975 album and, from the Sessions Band’s 2006 live album, to “American Land.”
12) That I will have a vote in the next American election
13) That I got out of New York City when I did
14) That the view from our new house is so beautiful
15) That Thanksgiving is not about giving gifts but giving thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

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