Resurrection at The Royale

I’ll be back in the Borough of Kings this Friday night to DJ the night (Posie and) I used to host. Back then, it was called Step On (after a Happy Mondays song).* Now it’s called Resurrection (after a Stone Roses song). But the principle remains the same: lots of Madchester baggy beats, acid house classics, post-punk funk and indie dance, all on a proper dancefloor, in a cool bar that doesn’t charge cover. Resurrection is hosted by my good friends Nick Cain and McCutcheon; I’m honored to be their guest.

Quite apart from hoping you’ll come out for the music, it would be great to see some of you for the fun of it. This is my first DJ gig back in the City since leaving NYC behind in the summer. And given that I’m only the Guest DJ, I plan to relax and fully enjoy myself. I’ll be down there from 11pm or earlier. Sadly, Posie will not be with me.

To see how Step On used to rock the Royale, check these pages:

Or simply check the photos below. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

McCutcheon at the Step On one-off this past summer. Nick Cain and yours truly at Step On last year.

Resurrection at The Royale
Friday December 2
506 5th Street
between 12th and 13th Streets
Park Slope, Brooklyn
Free admission
718 840 0089

* – Last time I sent out an e-mail invite listing ‘Step On’ as a Happy Mondays song, I was quickly reminded that the song was first a hit for John Kongos. I do know that. I own, love and frequently play the original version. But if we were going to name the night after a John Kongos song, it would have been called ‘He’s Gonna Step On You Again.’ That, or ‘Tolokoshe Man.’

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