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Sinead O’Connor with Sly & Robbie (& Burning Spear) at Webster Hall (full review to follow)… Talking to Apocalypse drummer and former schoolmate Chris Boyle for the first time in 21 years – and the years just slipping away… Watching Campbell set off down East Side Drive on his very own snowboard for the very first time and feeling a pang of parental joy… The Dandy Warhols remix of Gang of Four’s ‘What We All Want’… Being invited for dinner by (new) local friends and having them bring out the 20-year old Port because “it’s Christmas”… Running into Christy, former co-owner of pioneering Park Slope wine store Big Nose Full Body, at the Sinead O’Connor show – she’s back in Brooklyn after time in Montreal and had been asking around about me enough to know that I’d moved… Driggs’ Pizza, Mikey’s Hook-Up, Bliss, and Uva Wines, all in Williamsburg… Snow in New York City during holiday shopping season… The new albums by Kate Bush and Neil Young… Finally getting copies of Johnny Cash’s ‘Live at Fulsom Prison’ and ‘Live at San Quentin’… My old friend Piers finding me through iJamming! – after doing a web search for a Chassagne-Montrachet of all things… The small class sizes at Campbell’s school (a lot of the people up here are “weekenders” whose children, if they have any, go to school in NYC)… Noel turning into a revved-up rocket-powered rugrat… Being introduced to friendly new “weekenders” at dinner with friends; they’re also from Park Slope… Now that he can snowboard properly, which means fewer painful falls and no tears, hitting the trails with Campbell is father-son bonding at its best… Nipping a heavy cold in the bud by turning down invitations to parties in NYC and going to bed at 11pm in the sticks instead… And then the new-found maturity that had me turn the car round after setting off to NYC on Wednesday evening to see The Subways; I knew I needed another night indoors to beat back the cold… The enormous range of available podcasts… Legal free downloads at… So much snow so early in the winter that even Hunter West is already open… Campbell watching a home video of his first Christmas… John Lennon tribute parties… An impending snow-storm excusing me from having to move the car for street cleaning while in NYC… Getting on a run of really good wine after a run of really mediocre wine… ‘Trapped In the Closet’ by R. Kelly comes to DVD – and I get a copy… DJing on New Year’s Eve… Narnia comes to the cinema… The upcoming Winter Solstice celebration in Phoenicia, bringing the holiday season back to its origins…

No need to dream of a white Christmas round these parts…


Posie could not figure out a baby-sitter set-up to allow her to come see Sinead O’Connor in the City (and then picked up my cold and was sick the day of the show anyway)… The Apocalypse reunion may take place without me… Being in NYC the first time Campbell gets a “snow day” from school – which means I can’t keep my promise to turn a “snow day” into a “snowboard day” … the new Dandy Warhols album… I’m getting to like Williamsburg… Sludge in New York City during holiday shopping season … The fact that I enjoy hearing new albums from old musicians… And it takes their death and a biopic for me to pick up classic albums by dead ones… None of these people I’m back in touch with live near me… The class sizes at Campbell’s school are getting so small that the District is suggesting closing it down (a lot of the people up here are “weekenders” etc.)…The cat swiping Noel in the face for getting too personal, drawing blood just below the eye… The new weekenders from Park Slope turn out to live on the same block in Brooklyn that we just left after ten years – and we never knew them!!!… Never getting to bond with my own dad (hey, it has to be said)… Thinking I could stay up till 5am on a Thursday and Friday night in a cold NYC, hang out in a studio full of smokers Thursday and Friday daytime, stand on the cold streets of Hudson on a Saturday afternoon, and go skiing on Sunday in a snow-storm – and somehow not catch a cold… After turning the car round on Wednesday because I knew I needed an early night, I headed not to my home but to the office, worked until midnight and slept over; so much for maturity… Too many Podcasts to keep up with… Record company anti-ripping CD encryption… Are we in for the coldest winter on record?… How chubby I looked ten years ago.. Moving the car for street-cleaning just in case the storm doesn’t hit – and then forgetting where I parked it. The next hour was spent trying to find my car in the snow by its only easily recognizable attribute: the number plate… I still buy far too much wine for a guy who doesn’t have the time… Never having listened to the ‘Trapped In The Closet’ CD singles when I was sent them… Working on New Year’s Eve… The idea that The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie will make practicing Christians of us all – right, and Alice In Wonderland turned me into an LSD freak… Noel will be a year old already on Christmas Eve

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