Run To Me Part 3

I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing my wife Posie the very best of luck in Sunday’s New York Marathon. This is the first time she’s run a Marathon but hardly the first time she’s run long distance. Posie was a runner all the way through school and well into her twenties; in fact, it was she who got me into running. At the time, I’d play football on Sundays after a hard Saturday night; I’d replenish with several beers and, relishing the pain with classic British masochistic machismo, wonder why I couldn’t walk properly for the next few days. She’s the one whot showed that if I could just go out and stretch those leg muscles every few days, I’d be a better footballer and less likely to suffer the day after.

Once we settled into having kids, it became harder for Posie to run distance, and she was kind enough to encourage me in our joint goal to run the New York Marathon while living along the course. I got to do it three years in a row. In 2004 she ran the qualifying runs to gain entry to last year’s Marathon, but the arrival of Noel, and the decision to move out of New York City saw her defer her entry to this year instead. So she’s running as a returned New Yorker, her goal the one that everyone should have for the Marathon – just to finish the course with a smile on her face. I’ll be somewhere on that course with the kids, hoping to see that smile even after mile 20. We know you can do it Posie: we’re behind you all the way.

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  1. Jimmy Miscedra

    4 November, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    Good Luck Posie!

    Best wishes.


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