Semi-featured Wine: Virginia Cabernet Sauvignon

From my post, Is Virginia for Wine Lovers? Part 2, about West Wind Farm’s 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon:

“I ending up buying a bottle, which I’ll give a year or two in cellar to see where it goes.”

…And then I dropped the bottle in moving it, some wine seemed to explode out of the cork so I said, What the hell, let’s drink it now.

Well, it turned out to be a truly excellent east coast Cabernet Sauvignon. I stopped buying the King of Grapes from east coast producers because they were either too weak and light and strawberry-like (as from the Finger Lakes) or buried in oak and tasting like cigar boxes (as from Long Island, though I should allow an exception for the North Fork’s Ternhaven, which I hope is still going.)

But this was in every sense a “drink-it-young” cab with copious black fruits on the nose and the palate, an exuberant brightness to it and, though there was a distinct lack of heavyweight tannin, it was just as good the second as night the first… The oak was totally unobtrusive, adding but a nice cedary touch on the mid-palate. I’m thrilled that West Wind should be making wine this good this quickly, and yet I’d love to know where they get their Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from (their own fruit provides but a small part of the wine) or if someone else is helping out in the cellar. A very nice wine.

West Wind Farm Cabernet Sauvignon: A surprisingly fine Virginia red wine.

And an additional note on the Galena Creek White, the ’05 of which I noted had too much oak on it. An e-mail update from the winery, about the ’06, would seem to agree:

“The 2006 was fermented in Minnesota oak instead of French oak. The acidity is crisp, the mouth-feel clean and the prominent flavors of green apple and melon are underscored with a warm toastiness. The subtlety of the Minnesota oak allows the fruit-forward characteristics of this wine shine through.”

Now if they can just deepen the flavors on their Pinot Gris they’ll really be on to something! In the meantime, I heartily recommend the reds.

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