A big up to everyone who came to the Step On One Off Friday night at The Royale; history will recall that it was a roaring success. We had people dancing at 11pm, and we still had them dancing at 4am, when the bartenders finally insisted on going home. (The bar owner was insisting instead we keep the music going!) Thanks to McCutcheon for opening AND closing proceedings, to Posie for coming out to play a few choice cuts in the midst of babysitter difficulties, and to Nick Cain for throwing in tracks by New Order and Madness along with his other fine selections. Special props to Joel Jordan for the wonderful job on the flyer and for daring to try DJing off his iPod: sorry for playing the control freak and insisting you move on from that undanceable Cabaret Voltaire track! Oh, and the Rabbit In The Moon remix of ‘Fools Gold’ is now officially retired; it seems to be jinxed.

L-R, from top: McCutcheon eats the beats; me & ‘Miss’ Posie (Happy Anniversary), Nick Cain; Joel Jordan’s new (British) wife Jemma (I forgot to get a picture of DJ Joel himself), iJamming! readers and fellow DJs Anisha and Madina, and the dancefloor.

For my own part, I have to ‘fess up: if the guy who and shook my hand for the Kasabian/Happy Mondays mash-up mix is reading, well I know I didn’t say as much at the time but I wasn’t actually spinning them together. (There’s an iJamming! reader who knows exactly where this mash-up originated.) Then again, that crazy little line-up of acidy techno cuts, culminating in a seamless segue from ‘Acperience’ to ‘Rez,’ was very much my own and done very much on the fly. A quick semi-apology for lack of Britpop/punk rock classics: time seemed to fly, as it’s bound to when you have five DJs in seven hours, and we never got to the likes of The Jam, Oasis, The Smiths, Suede, Pulp and other such seminal white rock acts. And, finally, and not though they’ll be reading this, a nod to the two lads from Barnsley, in on holiday, who couldn’t resist making the trek to Brooklyn after reading about Step On in Time Out NY. Coals to Newcastle: it happens every time.

I’d like to say, See you at the next one but I can’t. You can’t have two one-offs, after all. But thanks for the memories. It was top, sorted. Nice one.

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