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We’re away on a sort of vacation for the rest of the week. Going no further than the Jersey Shore where we’ll have the mother-in-law’s empty house before it’s officially sold. (She’s moved into a smaller place already.) Packing books and music galore. I’ve been catching up big time on my pop culture of late, especially on the music front, where I’ve been listening to my deceased uncle’s superb old jazz albums I brought back from the UK; to the old vinyl I bought on my last trip to NYC; to the 80% discounted new(ish) CDs I bought at the Virgin Megastore’s close-out sale; and to the many new albums I no longer get in the post but rather by snail mail. Here’s some of what’s been on either the turntables, the CD player or the iPod of late (click on the covers for more information):

…And here are some of the dozen or more books I’ve been rotating by my bedside (click on the covers for more information):

In an ideal world, I’d get to offer reviews/observations of all the above, but time seems to be more of the essence than ever right now. If you’re familiar with any of the above works, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll post again next week.

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  1. tadpoles

    3 July, 2009 at 7:48 am

    Seeing Bill Nelson there Tony was nice, inspiring me to have a listen again. Be Bop Deluxe for a time had a Maori bassist called Charlie Tumahai which sent me to goggle to find out what he was up to now only to learn of his untimely death back in 1995. Very sad to learn stuff like that.

    In another vein – Yay Bonzos!

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