Synchronicity… or God?

Alright, this synchronicity stuff is beyond a joke. I watched the George Best and Keith Moon videos last week. I started writing up yesterday’s post over the weekend. I put up the post comparing the two “boy wonders” turned alcoholics yesterday morning – almost exactly the moment it was announced that George Best had been aadmitted to intensive care for a kidney (i.e. alcohol-related) infection. There’s coincidence, there’s synchronicity and then, in cases like these, there’s just really weird timing that makes me believe in other entities entirely.

I’ve met George Best, and he was a sweetheart. I need to find the story I wrote about the encounter and scan it in; it seems especially relevant right now. I’m sure all the readers who know of him wish him a proper recovery – and some peace and happiness in what remains of his life.

On a brighter though equally weird note, I got up today to find that Chris Boyle, the Apocalypse drummer, has finally been found… or rather, that he found us. Chris and I, who were classmates, started playing together at age 11; when Jeff Carrigan, another classmate, picked up the bass around age 14, we had a band. That band went on to a fair few adventures and, as you have been repeatedly reminded, finally released an album this year. We couldn’t trace Chris to secure his involvement; as we’d hoped might happen given the album and the Internet, he finally traced us. Personally, I have not seen or spoken to Chris since my last Apocalypse gig back in June 1984. Hopefully that will now be rectified. I’m glad to hear he’s alive and living in Florida.

But then, I go out on my morning run feeling all cheerful about that. I hook up the iPod, hit Shuffle Songs and the first two that come up are… both by Apocalypse. There are only 30 Apocalypse songs on my iPod out of 2200. So, again, I ask: Is that mere coincidence? What I often like to call synchronicity? Or was God my DJ this morning? (And if not, can someone please tell me the odds of that happening?)

Chris, here’s your starter question to prove it’s really you: What is the one Apocalypse recording you did NOT play drums on? It was the first song on my iPod this morning and it’s the next song to be MP3d over at the Apocalypse mini-site. Hopefully, now that we’re fully ‘reunited’, that will be sooner rather than later.

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  1. 5 October, 2005 at 2:33 pm

    Cool – How do you the math(s). And presumably that doesn’t factor in the incalculable coincidence that I had just heard from our drummer after 21 years…

  2. 26 November, 2005 at 12:12 pm

    […] h he shared in common with Keith Moon – not least that they were the same age – I wrote up a tribute of sorts here at iJamming! By the freakiest of coincidences, I wrote it the same day he was admitted to […]


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