Thanksgiving Weekend: The Outdoor Edition

1) THURSDAY: Hiking.
Climbing Mount Tremper with the wife over Thanksgiving lunchtime. Snow kicks in around the 1500 foot mark. By the time we reach the top, there’s a foot of it – and it’s virgin: we can tell by the tracks that one family of hikers turned around, not realizing they were only 100 yards from the summit. The panoramic view of the Catskill region more than makes up for the speed at which we have to hike the 3 mile ascent to the 2740 foot summit, in order to still make our scheduled Thanksgiving dinner. Click on the photo below for a larger view.


It’s difficult to tell the various peaks apart, but the three in the far top left, next to each other, are certainly Thomas Cole, Black Dome and Blackhead, the last of which is part of the Escarpment Trail/Run. That’s Cooper Lake off to the right hand side. Which means we’re looking pretty much straight at Woodstock somewhere in the middle of the picture and, just above it, Overlook Mountain, on top of which there’s a fire tower just like the one below. In the days before telephones, fire towers are how the communities communicated emergencies with each other.


2) FRIDAY: Skiing.
Since when did Hunter Mountain ever look like this in November? Thanks to great conditions and medium-sized crowds, I got more skiing in in a two-and-a-half hour session than I normally do in a full day. And I felt great. Here’s hoping for a continued wonderful winter.


3) SATURDAY: Running.
It was only a short one – a 2.5k loop doubled up as a relay effort to make a 5k total. But short distances mean sprinting, and the ten-minute dash one hurt my legs as much as the other two days combined. (Though by that point it may just have been accumulative.) This race, the Cantor for Critters takes place at the Coleman High School in Kingston, as a benefit for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. There won’t have been too much money raised – only 14 pairs competed, most casual runners in the area getting their Thanksgiving running in on a Turkey Trot on the big Thursday – but as you can tell from this picture at the finish line, some of us took it as committed fun all the same.


4) SUNDAY: Lounging.
I let Chelsea and Arsenal do the work for me.

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