The Christmas Hitlist

Noel’s laugh
McVitie’s Digestives
My 40-something “dad” friends Hub and Loch, who came out at short notice Wednesday night for a couple of quick pints at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn and happily talked music for an hour. We all three of us think The Replacements are the greatest American group of the last 25 years.
The Office Christmas Special Again.
Mince pies
The NYC Christmas week Transit strike – way to win solidarity with your fellow workers, dudes.
The English woman at the Catksills wine store who quite deliberately undercharged me after I said I might be able to help her find an old friend from her childhood through the music business. Thanks, sweetie.
The “personal” vegetarian pie at Brio’s – if I knew I could get pizza this good outside NYC, I’d have moved years ago
Campbell’s smile
Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout at the local supermarket
Posie writing all the Christmas cards and saving me the hassle
“Breakthroughs in technology: the ability to download red wine off the Internet.” Thanks Jen.
No queues at the Post Office in Phoenicia
Knowing it would have to rain all December not to be a white Christmas
A real log fire and chimney for Santa
Santa’s arrival on the Woodstock green Christmas Eve. This year, will he come by elephant, camel, fire truck or good old reindeer?
Wondering whether Campbell still believes in Santa – or just wants us to believe that he does
My McNally iPod FM transmittor
Posie’s hugs
Old friends at the iJamming! Pub
Finally getting those Apocalypse 1982 pictures compiled and posted
How good is ‘Dark Side Of Town’?
Skidding off the driveway. Again.
Frozen pipes. Again.
Running in 15-degree Farenheit temperatures.
It’s warm under the covers
Falling over on black ice in the dark
That “dueling banjos” version of ‘Jingle Bells’ I heard on KEXP
The Robert Earl Keen song ‘Merry Christmas From The Family.’ Should be on every Christmas compilation.
Driving home from the Bearsville Theater at night, the snow-capped mountains illuminated by the full moon
Bixby’s purr

Sample replies to our Christmas card photo of Campbell and Noel:
“I can’t believe how much Noel looks like you (and Campbell like Posie) – no wonder you mentioned that on your site. A proper little Fletcher!”
“I fell off my chair when I saw that photo of Noel….
He’s the splitting image of his daddy….”
“Campbell looks just like his mum while Noel is a spit for you.”

Noel is one year old on Christmas Eve

A merry Christmas, happy Hannukah or simply festive greetings to all iJamming! readers

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