The Greatest Ride of Our Lives: Let the Slide Shows begin.

The Fletcher family’s three and a half week cross-country road trip to Burning Man and back was reasonably well documented via a daily (or so) pic put out to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, along with a number of other hopefully humorous Tweets. But there was obviously so much more to it than that. The first-in-a-lifetime journey (partly inspired by our older son’s impending graduation from high school, and the realization that this was probably the one opportunity we had to attend Burning Man as a family) was, literally, The Greatest Ride Of Our Lives, a title I took from a Road Trip CD I made last year that concluded with a song of almost that title recorded by our local high school kids about Kerouac’s On The Road.

On that note, you should see the iTunes playlist for that CD below. Thanks to the combined wonders of iPhoto, Flickr, Instagram, the iPhone, WordPress and the Awesome Flickr Gallery, if you then click on the image below, or any of the numbers below the photograph, you will be taken to a slide show with selected highlight of the first two legs of our journey: to Claytor Lake in Virginia and Knoxville, Tennessee. The vagaries of these plug-ins are such that the slide show will only give you the image title, but if you click on the numbers at the bottom of this post to call up each individual image without the slide show, you will get a more detailed description. In the slide show, click on the 1:1 button to see the image at its most hi-def hi-pixel best; viewing them individually, double click for the same effect.

I will keep posting sets from the road trip in-between updates on the Smiths book and more. I am trying only to include photos of cultural significance or particular personal satisfaction. I hope you get something from this. I know that we certainly did.

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