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The following posts are excerpted from Corpun.Com, an online database of corporal punishment memories. (The Web: What is it good for? Absolutely everything.) All the anecdotes below refer to one particular school, and some iJamming! readers, particularly those who grew up in South London, may remember it by cane. I mean, by name.

Gibbs — The fondest memory is of the day he gave our whole form, 2B, in about 1958/9, an after-school detention. This followed a particularly rugged class, and naturally we thoroughly deserved it. He had been at Tenison’s a short time, following Bertin, and was, I think, quite inexperienced. We used to give the poor man a very rough time. The villains in the class, well used to punishment, lobbied the rest of the class. (I confess – it was my idea.) “Don’t turn up. If nobody’s there, he won’t know what to do. He can’t cane us all.”
The ‘good kids’ agreed. They didn’t show. Our mob did. Gibbs was amazed to find only the thugs in place for his detention. The rest were caned next day.
We thought it quite funny at the time, but it might well have been one of the cornerstones of Mr Gibbs later rage. And to any of those kids that got whacked – sorry! (Vic W., 1955-60)

Caning competition — What a strange and perverted bunch of lads there were in class 3C of 1970/71. The teachers were so liberal with corporal punishment, that the boys had a caning competition one term to see who could get the most strokes. I can’t remember who won though! (Rikki C., 1968-73)

“Charlie” Fruin – the non-pariel of caners, this chap could cane for England. Only a short run-up, but back-lift and follow-through were immaculate. The man took immense pride in his work. Jumbo, Danny etc, all amateurs by comparison. (John S., 1967-74)

Les Stockell — seem to remember had a few fingers missing, favoured rugby players, slipperred me once for doing homework in my classwork book. Took dim view of people not turning up to gym with gymkit, favourite phrase “you blockhead S.”. (Mick S., 1968-75)

Remember the time that on the way to games in Motspur Park, one of the boys gobbed out of the window of the train. His punishment was being caned, with his trousers round his ankles, in front of the whole year. Boy did that kid yelp.
Didnt like him one bit but he didnt deserve that. (Errol D., 1976-78)

Yes, we’re talking about Archbishop Tenison’s (formerly Grammar) School. The picture above, taken by one of my classmates, successfully conveys the school’s frightening facade. There’s a thread about the school over in the iJamming! Pub.

I had found my way to the corpun site through a Google search for Tenisons pages, and had initially assumed that the memories of caning were a particularly British, schoolboy phenomenon. But visiting the corpun home page, I find that to be far from the case. There’s spanking new video footage of a mass caning in Thailand (does this qualify as fetish pornography?), while the news section includes these recent highlights from the world of corporate punishment:

School paddling abolished in Frisco, Texas

Singapore court grants wish of boy, 17, pictured, to be caned and briefly jailed

Bring back caning in schools, says Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

And this one, which you can’t help but believe is why the cane was invented in the first place…

18-year-old gets 30 strokes of the cane in Nigeria for having sex with sheep

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  1. 11 August, 2006 at 11:50 am

    Ha ha ha! Great. Thanks for the plug.

  2. 12 August, 2006 at 1:42 am

    Weirdly funny, looking back on all that. I wasn’t at Tenison’s, but Kingsdale, where we certainly got our share.


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